Peter Crouch Shares Hilarious Details of How His Wife, Abbey Clancy, Made Him Retire From Football

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Peter Crouch has revealed how his wife, Abbey Clancy, made him retire from football after an illustrious career.

Peter Crouch
Peter Crouch and wife Abbey Clancy

In 2019, top Premier League and ex-Liverpool and Tottenham forward, Peter Crouch, finally announced his retirement from the round leather game.

As usual, his illustrious career, playing for top clubs in England, came under spotlights, but details of why he left was undisclosed.

Another great veil shielding Peter Crouch’s retirement from football was his age.

It was reasonably easy to conclude that the tall, former Stoke City player had lost the vigor of youth to the constraints of old age and needed rest.

After three years of life off the pitch, Peter Crouch has eventually disclose the hilarious, but shocking incident that led to his retirement.

Although he must have considered his age as a factor, Crouch revealed that a sublime domestic face-off with his wife led to his retirement from football.

Peter Crouch
Crouch at Liverpool

What most people would have considered an inconsequential and innocent gesture from his wife turned off Peter Crouch like a sudden smothered flame.

What Happened?

With his stint and craving for mobile video games, especially the action-packed and famous ‘Call of Duty,’ Crouch was to call it a quit on one occasion when he locked his wife outside while shooting his way to safety in the game.

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According to him, he was busy shouting at 12-year-olds to cover him with his big headphone on his ears.

While engrossed in his video game, his wife had returned banging the door for an entry, but he did not hear due to his rapt attention to his video game.

Abbey Clancy had to take shelter with neighbours, who took her in after the door was not opened to her by her husband.

The hilarious drama was to climaxed with Crouch calling it a quit after Abbey Clancy scolded his wretched life of a failure with a furious look.

As Crouch succinctly puts it, his career “finished” at that point, because he knew he had to finally call it a quit after his wife’s fury.

Narrating the incident to Chris Moyles on Radio X, Peter Crouch said;

“My career finished when Abb was locked out the house and I was playing Call of Duty.

“I had the headphones on and the mic and she was locked out the house and I had no idea.

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“I was telling people to ‘get down! Frag out!’ And she’s been outside for ages banging on the door. She’s gone to the neighbours and they let them in.

“And I’m still in there, dark room, full headphones on, telling 12-year-olds to get down and cover me.

Peter Crouch
Peter Crouch and family

“The look she gave me was like ‘you loser!’ And that look was the moment I thought I better leave this.”

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy got married in 2011. They have four children together.

Crouch retired from football in 2019 at 38 after a long and great career.

He does gaming in his down time and has gotten involved in plenty projects. Crouch also works as a pundit on BT.

Peter Crouch

Peter James Crouch, born on January 30, 1981, is a 41-year-old former English professional footballer.

Crouch is a Premier League icon. He is among the few players that crossed 100 goals in the Premier League.

He was capped 42 times by the English national team and had appeared in two World Cups for the Three Lions before retiring from the game.

The clubs he has played for include Liverpool, Southampton, Stoke, Burnley, Portsmouth, Tottenham, Aston Villa, and Norwich City.

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Crouch made a total of 599 club appearances, scoring 145 goals. He also scored 42 times for the Three Lions.

Peter Crouch announced his retirement in 2019.

Peter Crouch Height

Peter Crouch was among the tallest Premier League strikers, and he used his height advantage well as he holds the record for most headed goals in the Premier League. Peter is 2.01m tall.

Peter Crouch Wife

Crouch got married to model Abbey Clancy on 30 June 2011. They have four children; two sons and two daughters. Their firstborn is Sophia Ruby, 11, followed by Liberty Rose, 6, Johnny, 4, and Jack, 3.

Peter Crouch Podcast

Crouch hosts a regular sports show popularly known as the Peter Crouch podcast. It is an entertainment and sports podcast hosted by Crouch and Chris Stark.

The podcast is centered on guide on how to begin your journey as a professional footballer.

It is made up of a variety of episodes, including everything from dressing rooms, managers, transfers, football confessions, and lots more about football.

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