Pep Guardiola of Manchester City reveals why he is now a better manager

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The manager of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola has revealed some of the yardsticks that show that he is now a better football manager.

Guardiola said he has become a better manager because of the experience he has garnered and the fact that he knows “the game” better,

The 50-year-old Spanish tactician started his coaching career with the B team of FC Barcelona in 2007 before he was appointed the manager of the club’s senior team in 2008.

When he was made the coach of FC Barcelona 13 years ago, Pep Guardiola was 37-year-old. Hence, he was seen as a rookie who was given the responsibility of coaching a star-studded Barcelona team.

Unfortunately for the Spanish coach, he lost his first match in charge of the club. The game which ended 1-0 was against Numancia.

Such a start made a lot of Barcelona fans doubt whether he could be able to lead the club. Shortly after, he was able to prove himself.

In fact, in his first season in charge of Barca, 2008-2009 season, Pep Guardiola led Barca to win a historic treble – UEFA Champions League, La Liga, and Copa del Rey.

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Guardiola went on to win 10 more major titles for FC Barcelona before he left the club in 2012 for Bayern Munich and then joined Manchester City in 2016.

Just like in German Bundesliga where he dominated the league for three years and helped Bayern to win seven titles, he has been dominating the Premier League since his arrival 5 years ago.

So far at Manchester City, the Spanish tactician has won 10 major titles for the English side including three Premier League titles.

Pep Guardiola flaunts one of his Premier League medals.
Pep Guardiola flaunts one of his Premier League medals.

Ahead of Manchester City vs Everton Premier League game scheduled to kick off at 15:00 on Sunday, November 21, Pep Guardiola revealed how he used to feel like he was in heaven when his team won a game and how he would feel bad when his team lost.

He however noted that his experience in the game has taught him how to manage the two situations better.

“I am a better manager now than I was then”, Pep Guardiola told Sky Sports on Friday. “I am more experienced. I know the game better. I know the opponents better. I know the way you have to attack and defend. But if I had not gotten better it would be a disaster, honestly. I was 37 and now I am 50. You learn…

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“I was in heaven after every win. When we lost it was, ‘Oh no, I am not able to do this.

“I am a little more relaxed now. Experience gives you that. I do my best and if it works, great. If not, we are going to try again. Winning depends on so many things that you cannot control.”

While speaking at the pre-match press conference ahead of Manchester City vs Everton match, Guardiola reflected on how his team has developed and noted that he was not sure how the 2021-2022 season would end.

“I am more than happy with the way we are playing”, he said. “We have shown huge personality home and away.

“The season is so long. You think, ‘Oh my god,’ but there are many games to play, a thousand million points still to win. As bad as it looks when you drop points and think, ‘Oh no, it is over, we are not going to do it,’ the day after you wake up and think, ‘Let’s try again.’

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“I remember we started last season and after seven or eight games, all the pundits were saying we were not even contenders. Zero chance. Look what happened. We won the Premier League three games before the end. So I do not know what is going to happen.”

Manchester City are currently second on the league table with 23 points in 11 games, three points behind first-place Chelsea.

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