Patrice Evra convicted for posting Homophobic statements on Social media

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Retired Manchester United and French defender, Patrice Evra was convicted of criminal wrongdoings as regards to putting out homophobic statements on social media. 

The former captain of Manchester United who is currently 41-years-old, was not present in court on Thursday in the French Capital, Paris when a fine of £890 was imposed on him.

Patrice Evra

He was additionally ordered to make payment of £1780 as compensation to two anti-hate agitation groups. 

Stop Homophobia and Mousse did lay a complaint in March 2019 when Patrice Evra posted a personal video footage of himself on social media after a game involving Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain.

Patrice Evra was seen in the video saying: “Paris, you are queers, you are queers,”. 

That video caused an uproar in France and across board after Manchester United’s encounter in the UEFA Champions League against Paris Saint Germain.

Asserting that his former team was more masculine than PSG, Evra continued: “Here, it’s the men who talk”.

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Stop Homophobia and Mousse’s actions

Stop Homophobia and Mousse, backed by the anti-homophobia collective Rouge Direct (Red Direct), instantly put out a complaint for “public insult towards a group of individuals as a result of their sexual orientation”.

The probing judge on the matter reassigned the complaint to “non-public insult” and pushed the matter over to the Paris Police Court.

The judge ordered that Patrice Evra, who currently resides in the United Arab Emirates and in Dubai to be precise, had “expressed himself in a private setting for the making of a video which was later posted on Snapchat without his knowledge”.

After the judgement, the lawyer of the complainants put out a statement saying: “The homophobic remarks of a personality like Patrice Evra fuel hatred and violence against LGBT people, in particular in countries where homosexuality is criminally repressed, like in Senegal, the country where Patrice Evra comes from”. 

The successful footballer hails from Dakar in Senegal and his parents gave birth to him in that city before they left Dakar for the city of Paris in France.

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Former Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra

At the time the parents of the former Manchester United, Juventus and Marseille defender moved over to France, Patrice Evra was still a young child.

Patrice Evra’s lawyer statements

The lawyer who stood for Patrice Evra, Jerome Boursican, made it know that Evra had “not wanted to harm the homosexual community,” and was only just “aiming insults at Paris Saint Germain”.

Jerome Boursican made it known that Evra had released a video containing an apology the day after the upsetting video was transmitted. 

The issue of homophobia has crept into the sport and has turned into a massive and lingering problem in modern day football, with clubs in the European continent revealing that they are doing all they can to put a definitive end to the menace.

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