Nottingham Forest Defender Harry Toffolo Receives Five Month Ban For Breaking Betting Rules


Nottingham Forest defender Harry Toffolo has been given a five-month suspension ban after admitting to breaking betting rules.

The player has been fined a sum of £20,956 on top of the sanction. His ban is suspended until the end of 2024-25 season.

On July 13, 2023, the defender was charged with breaching betting regulations on 375 occasions. It happened across three years of his contract at Championship side Norwich City.

During those three years, Harry Toffolo had loan spells with Swindon Town, Rotherham United, Peterborough United, and Scunthorpe United.

The defender was found to be in breach of FA Rules 8. The law prohibits players from betting on games and asking others to do that on their behalf or sharing information for privilege purposes.

Harry Toffolo

The English FA will take each case on individual merits. Nottingham Forest have failed to make any comment on the suspension.

However, his punishment has raised question compared to Ivan Toney of eight months for a similar incident. It was revealed that the Brentford striker only breached betting regulations on 232 occasions.

Compared to Harry Toffolo suspension, Ivan Toney ban came immediately. It was also followed with a £50,000 fine upon the conclusion of the investigation.

Harry Toffolo

The ban will prevent Ivan Toney from playing until January 16, 2024. It was revealed that the lengthy ban on Toney had financial implications on Brentford.

Football Fans are already having different opinions on the issue with many claiming, the English FA were not fair in their judgement towards Toney.

A fan said “If I’m Ivan Toney I’m getting on to my lawyers for answers from the FA why Toffolo has been handed a suspended sentence when he broke 100+ more rules than Toney. Cos the maths ain’t matching”.

Harry Toffolo

Harry Toffolo Age 

The defender was born on August 19, 1995 in the City of Welwyn Garden City in England. He is currently 28 years old with a height of 6ft and 0 inch.

Harry Toffolo Stats 

The left back had made 351 appearances scoring 16 goals and creating 43 assists in all club competitions.

He had also received 36 yellow cards and two red cards. Out of the 16 goals scored, nine were for Huddersfield United, four for Lincoln City, one for Swindom Town, and two for Scunthorpe United.

The left-back hasn’t made any senior appearances for his national team, England.

Harry Toffolo salary

The defender receives £15,000 weekly and £780,000 a year as a Nottingham Forest player. He is the 11th highest-paid defender at Nottingham Forest.

However, due to his suspension, there is no information on whether Nottingham Forest will continue to pay his wages or not.

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