Napoli Social Media Executive Alessio Fortino Leaves Napoli After Victor Osimhen TikTok Scandal


    Napoli social media executive Alessio Fortino had decided to resign from the position after the ongoing saga at the club over the posting of a TikTok video mocking Victor Osimhen.

    The Social Media Executive made it known via Instagram saying ”Today, after 805 days, my professional adventure with SSC Naples ends.

    For many, this job would be comparable to a dream; for me, it was a simple daily reality built on commitment and fueled by the constant desire to learn and play.”

    “I cannot help but express my deepest gratitude to all the colleagues, collaborators, partners, and supporters I’ve met along this long journey for making this experience so special.”

    “Leaving the company with a baggage of great memories and an excitement for the new adventures that lie ahead.”

    Napoli Social Media Executive Alessio Fortino Leaves Napoli After Victor Osimhen TikTok Scandal

    The TikTok mockery video led to Osimhen agent, Roberto Calenda, threatening to take legal action against the reigning Serie A Champions.

    The first mockery video showed the 24-year-old Nigerian appealing for a penalty against Bologna in the 72nd minute.

    The mockery video was sped up with an audio caption saying, “Gimme penalty, please.” It proceeded to show him playing the penalty on the wrong side of the post.

    The second video posted by Napoli showed Osimhen being compared to a coconut, which was taken as racism.

    Napoli Social Media Executive Alessio Fortino Leaves Napoli After Victor Osimhen TikTok Scandal

    After the mockery video, Victor Osimhen proceeded to delete all the Napoli pictures on his Instagram page. He also failed to celebrate after scoring against Udinese and Leece in the Serie A.

    In response to the mockery video, Napoli released a statement saying they never wanted to mock Victor Osimhen. However, they failed to publicly apologize to the Nigerian

    It was revealed that the striker is still angry after the club failed to make the apology publicly. However, the club directors had apologized to him internally.

    Will Victor Osimhen Force A Move Away From Napel After The TikTok video Saga?

    The Napoli striker had been one of the most sought-after strikers in Europe, with Chelsea, Arsenal, and Al-Hilal of the Middle East looking forward to pricing the player away from Napoli.

    Even though Osimhen has released a statement insisting on his commitment to the club, there is still a possibility that he could leave the club in January or next summer over the mockery saga.

    Victor Osimhen

    Also, he wants to play in the best leagues in the world, where the club will have the utmost respect for him.

    He is also aspiring to win the Champions League before the end of his career, and he sees leaving Naples as a big opportunity to achieve success.

    Victor Osimhen

    However, his club would not want to sell him below £100 million, and that may be one of the reasons he is likely to stay in Italy for another season.


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