Nadine Goncalves, Neymar’s mother fled her home after an attack from Tiago Ramos, her boyfriend who is six years younger than Neymar

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Nadine Goncalves, the mother of Paris Saint Germain winger Neymar Junior had to flee her home in Brazil when her estranged boyfriend, Tiago Ramos, reportedly attacked her.

Reports claimed that Ramos attacked Neymar’s mother after she refused to comply with his “extravagant” sexually related request. The turn down made the 24-year-old Brazilian gamer insecure and had to confront the 54-year-old Brazilian woman violently.

“The neighbors heard screams, cursing, the noise of bottles thrown on the ground, and the voice of a woman crying,” Gabriel Perline reported according to gente.ig.

Nadine Goncalves, Neymar's mother flaunting her beauty at 54.
Nadine Goncalves, Neymar’s mother flaunting her beauty at 54.

Nadine Goncalves managed to escape and ordered security operatives to prevent the young man from gaining access to her house while she stayed away from the house for safety reasons.

Hence, Ramos reportedly had to move to some friends’ apartment where he has been hiding against any reprisal attack from Nadine or her family members.

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How the love story between Nadine Goncalves and Tiago Ramos became public:

This is the picture Nadine Goncalves used to make her relationship with Tiago Ramos public.

Nadine Goncalves is popular for being the mother of Paris Saint Germain forward, Neymar but she is gradually cutting a niche for herself in a controversial manner.

Nadine Goncalves attracted the attention of the world on the Easter Sunday of 2020 when she took to her Instagram page with over 1.5 million followers to share a picture in which she posed romantically with one Tiago Ramos.

In the caption, she wrote: “The inexplicable cannot be explained, you just live it” which suggested that she was dating the Brazilian video gamer who was 22-year-old then.

The Instagram post which has since been deleted went viral because Nadine was 52-year-old when she shared the post. This means that she was 30 years older than Tiago Ramos then.

The news became even bigger than when Neymar decided to comment on her Instagram post by writing “Be happy mum” alongside a heart emoji before adding: “I love you.” His comment was taken as an approval of his mother’s love affair with a man who is 6 years younger than him.

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It became even more interesting when Neymar Santos senior, Neymar’s father commented on the Instagram post with applause emoji. Recall that Neymar senior ended his over 25 years old marriage with Nadine Goncalves in 2016. Despite that, they are still in contact.

Before their marriage crashed, Nadine, and Santos who is now overseeing the football career of Neymar, have two children together – Neymar junior and his younger sister Rafaella Santos.

Nadine Goncalves and her two children: Neymar junior and Rafaella Santos.
Nadine Goncalves and her two children: Neymar junior and Rafaella Santos.

Even though Nadine decided to date someone younger than her children, the decision did not prevent her from having a close relationship with them, especially Neymar. The footballer always flaunts his mother on social media just like how he always flaunts her younger sister.

When the world has forgotten about the union between Neymar’s mother and Ramos, a report surfaced recently claiming that the relationship crashed after the young man attacked her. However, at the time of publishing this report, there was no statement from Nadine debunking or confirming the report.

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