Mikel Arteta turns Motivation speaker ahead of Arsenal vs Tottenham clash

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Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta said he is a “big believer” that all the hard times that the club has gone through in the last 18 months would make the club stronger.

Ahead of Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur clash which is scheduled to kick off at 16:30 today, September 26, 2021, Mikel Arteta stressed that it could feel something powerful happening at Arsenal.

Recall that Arteta who played the last three seasons of his professional football career at Arsenal became the coach of the club during the 2019-2020 season.

In his first season as a coach at the Emirates Stadium, Arteta led Arsenal to beat Chelsea football club to win the FA Cup. Ahead of the 2020-2021 season, he lead the club to beat Liverpool to win the Community Shield.

However, at the end of the 2020-2021 season, Mikel Arteta failed to push Arsenal beyond the 8 spot on the league table. He failed to qualify the club for European competition for the first time in decades.

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Due to such an abysmal performance, most fans of the club wanted him out of the club but the club’s board decided to keep him.

At the start of the 2021-2022 season, Mikel Arteta led Arsenal to three successive defeats which prompted fans to start demanding for his sack again.

Fortunately for him and the club, he was able to turn things around once again by leading Arsenal to two successive win in the club’s last two Premier League games.

In an interview with Sky Sports ahead of the north London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium, Mikel Arteta argued that it might be difficult to suddenly turn things around after all the patches the club had gone through.

“We are in a different moment in our history,” Arteta said “Every club has to go through different patches, and we went through the patch of the last 18 months with a big covid situation on the back of a lot of instability in the club in the last two or three seasons.

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“That’s a difficult mix to suddenly turn things around and build something incredible. But I’m a big believer that this had to happen. For this club it had to happen – we had to experience this and that’s going to make us much stronger.

“I can feel what is happening here, and I can feel what is happening with the supporters, with the generation of players that we have here, with everybody that is involved in the organization. I think it is going to be pretty powerful.”

Mikel Arteta on duty with Arsenal football club.
Mikel Arteta on duty with Arsenal football club.

As it stands, Mikel Arteta needs to find a way to beat Tottenham Hotspur later today to prove that Arsenal are truly on the rise. Lucky for the club, their today’s opponent, Tottenham Hotspur, are on two games losing streak contrary to Arsenal’s two-league games winning streak.

This is expected to give Mikel Arteta and his boys the confidence to go all the way to give their today’s visitors a run for their money.

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If Arsenal manage to beat Tottenham Hotspur today, the club could move up to the 11th spot on the league table, with possible 9 points in 6 games. They are currently sitting on the 13th spot with 6 points in 5 games.

On the other hand, if Tottenham Hotspur manage to leave the Emirates Stadium with the three maximum points, coach Nuno Espirito Santo’s side could climb as high as the 7th spot on the league table with potential 12 points in 6 games. They are currently sitting on the 10th spot with 9 points in 5 games.

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