Chelsea are the 2nd team to win 600 Premier League games


    Chelsea football club beat Aston Villa 3-0 to become the second team to win 600 Premier League games in the history of the league.

    The reigning UEFA Champions League champions continued from where they stopped before the September FIFA international break against a very determined Aston Villa side.

    Chelsea took the lead in the 15th minute of the game, thanks to the firepower of the club’s returnee, Romelu Lukaku. After that, Aston Villa held Chelsea until the second half of the game.

    In the second half, Chelsea’s midfielder Mateo Kovacic doubled Chelsea’s lead in the 49th minute.

    The man of the moment, Lukaku stepped up to make it three for Chelsea in the additional 3 minutes of stoppage time.

    The win is Chelsea’s third win in four Premier League games this season. They dropped two points in their Premier League game against Liverpool last weekend.

    Chelsea are the 2nd team to win 600 Premier League games
    Romelu Lukaku celebrates as he scored his first goal at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

    The victory against Aston Villa has taken Chelsea to the second spot on the league table behind Manchester United on goals difference.

    Also, the win has taken their total win in the Premier League to 600 wins. They are behind Manchester United that have recorded a record 690 wins.

    Arsenal are third on the list of Premier League clubs with the highest wins. They have won a total of 598 wins. Liverpool have recorded a total of 583 wins. While Tottenham Hotspur have recorded 483 wins.

    On the other hand, the reigning Premier League champions, Manchester City have so far recorded 261 wins in the history of the Premier League.

    After the Chelsea vs Aston Villa game on Saturday, the coach of Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel said: “It was absolutely not comfortable. We played against a strong, strong Aston Villa side. They were well prepared. They looked very sharp and confident from the start and they caused us a lot of problems, especially in the first half.

    “Second half was better. More control, a more fluid game, and then a lot of chances and half-chances that we did not take very well. We lacked the precision to have earlier goals but okay.

    “Lukaku has the personality and self-confidence, wants to score and help the team with his goals, and has the composure to do it. He scored two very difficult goals, no easy tap-ins, and he made the difference for us and helped us get three points against a very strong Aston Villa side. He adds something to the group we did not have in this capacity so far.”

    While Aston Villa coach, Dean Smith said: “I’m frustrated with the scoreline but football is about moments and we didn’t take our moments today.

    ” I feel with the squad I have available to me, with the quality of the squad and the athleticism we have, we can go and ask questions of these clubs and I thought we did that in the first half.

    “The second goal took a lot of wind out of our sails. But there were a lot of positives, there’s a lot of belief in this group.”


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