Mesut Ozil engages in Twitter battle with Arsenal’s fan & TV Host Piers Morgan


Mesut Ozil was kept a little bit busy on Twitter on Sunday, November 22, by an Arsenal fan and Good Morning Britain presenter, Piers Morgan.

The embattled Arsenal midfielder took to Twitter ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League match against Leeds United to show his support like he always does since he was discarded from the team. Then, Piers Morgan who is famous for being very brutal in terms of dragging people both on television and on social media decided to drag Ozil.

The former Germany international tweeted ‘Let’s gooooo’ in support of Arsenal’s team against Leeds United. Piers Morgan decided to interpret it that Ozil was saying that he wanted to leave Arsenal. In his attempt to drag the 32-year-old midfielder, Morgan quoted Ozil’s tweet and wrote: “I wish you would, Mesut. For your sake and Arsenal’s”.

Morgan was referring to Mesut Ozil’s idea at Arsenal where the club’s manager, Mikel Arteta failed to feature him in any match when the Premier League returned from the three months coronavirus-induced break in June 2020.

When the 2020-2021 season commenced, Mesut Ozil who earns £350,000-per-week at Arsenal thought he would have a better season with Arsenal. Unfortunately for him, he continued to suffer no playing time at the club. It got so bad that Mikel Arteta failed to register him for the season’s Premier League and Europa League campaign despite still having less than a season left on his contract with the club.

But such treatment has never stopped him from always taking to Twitter to show his love for Arsenal. So, when Piers Morgan decided to drag him for that, Ozil decided to revenge by reminding Morgan of a phone-hacking scandal which the presenter was allegedly involved in while he was serving as the editor of the Daily Mirror in 2011.

Mesut Ozil and Piers Morgan.
Mesut Ozil and Piers Morgan.

Mesut Ozil sarcastically quoted Piers Morgan’s troll and wrote: “Piers, was that you, or was your phone hacked?

The television host felt pained by the midfielder’s response. Hence, Piers Morgan returned to Twitter and wrote: “First tackle you’ve put in this season – well done!”

Morgan who is known to be a person that likes to win any Twitter battle especially with fellow celebrities decided to throw another punch by tweeting what looks like sarcastic advice. This was a follow-up to his first tweet to Ozil which he felt did not make enough impact.

Morgan tweeted: “I admire your nerve in trolling Arsenal fans who pay your wages given you’re getting £350k-a-week of OUR money to sit on your ase doing fCK all. Try training as hard as you work on being a clever dick. Then the manager might pick you.”

After Morgan’s last tweet, Ozil decided to ignore the television host who would have continued to battle Ozil if the Arsenal’s star made more reactions to his tweets.

The match that caused the Twitter war between Mesut Ozil and Piers Morgan (Arsenal vs Leeds United) ended in a goalless draw and left Arsenal on the 11th spot on the league table.


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