Arsenal Troublemaker Dani Ceballos got into another fight… he fought Eddie Nketiah and fought David Luiz.


Dani Ceballos has become a quite problem child at Arsenal and he loves to fight. We saw a video clip of him bullying Arsenal young star Eddie Nketiah earlier in the season, and now he fought David Luiz and it was a very bad look.

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In the fight with Eddie Nketiah, Ceballos tacked Eddie aggressively during the pre-match warm-up, then he pushed and shoved him twice and nearly punched Eddie. This can only mean one thing, maybe Dani Ceballos has temper issues as this is his second public fight. Our source told us that there have been many slight issues with him that never made the news.

Yesterday, David Ornstein reported that Dani Ceballos was very aggressive with David Luiz and it led to a fight. As a result, David Luiz hit Ceballos in the face, and Dani Ceballos’ nose bled briefly.

Dani Ceballos called the story fake but multiple sources told Futballnews that it was true. The incident happened and both players apologized to the team.

The story is true, Davis Ornstein is a reliable reporter and Dani is known to calling a lot of things fake when they are indeed true.

Mikel Arteta spoke on Dani Ceballos and David Luiz’s fight

As we stated above, Dani Ceballos fought David Luiz, the news broke to the media but he denied it and call it fake news. However, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta as come out to verify the news and he also made a comment about the situation.

When asked about Ceballos and David Luiz fight, Arteta replied: “Nothing. Training is very competitive and issues happen a lot of times. Those things get resolved immediately within the team and there is not much to say. “There is no problem at all (between the two players).”

“Whatever happens internally with any issues, or things that we don’t expect, always we will try them internally. That has been dealt with and explained, and we move on.” – he added.


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