Matteo Guendouzi's daughter

Matteo Guendouzi’s daughter with his wife Mae Rfsk will arrive in 2021

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Arsenal player Matteo Guendouzi who is on loan at Hertha BSC (loan) is expecting a baby girl with his wife who goes by the name Maë Rfsk. As of now, we are unsure if that is her real name, but she goes by that name on social media. Guendouzi revealed this after scoring his second goal of the season for Hertha, Berliner Sport-Club. Matteo Guendouzi’s daughter will be here this year, and he is pleased about it.

Matteo Guendouzi and Rfsk, Matteo Guendouzi and wife. 
Matteo Guendouzi's daughter

“Scorer… and Future Father Happy scorer for my wife @rfskmae and my future daughter! Best way to start 2021! Let’s go, Hertha” He wrote on his Instagram page after the game.

Guendouzi scored in Hertha BSC’s match v FC Schalke, he scored at the 36 minutes then he put the ball under his shirt showing a sign of pregnancy while celebrating his goal. A common pregnancy revealing sign among soccer players when their wife is pregnant and they want to announce it after scoring a goal.

“The picture of 3 of us”, Guendouzi’s wife wrote on her social media as she shared a picture of her and Guendouzi and their unborn baby girl. It appears that she is just a few months pregnant. The couple are thrilled to share this news with fans and family. Their baby is expected to be born in the year 2021.

See more pictures of Arsenal player Matteo and his wife below.

Guendouzi started his loan spell at Hertha, Berliner Sport-Club in October 2020, he will be there for the entire 2020, 2021 season.

The 21 years old French National team player is under contract at Arsenal for 5 years. Guendouze signed a deal with Arsenal in 2018 and he is earning £40,000 per week in wages. This means he makes £2,080,000 per year. He is on contract with Arsenal until the end of the 2020- 2023 season.

Matteo Guendouzi and his wife got married very recently and this will be their first child together. Matteo Guendouzi’s daughter will surely enjoy her father’s love when she arrives.

Matteo Guendouzi's daughter will sure enjoy dad's salary.

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