Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram follows sets a new record


    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram follows broke a new record. The most followed person on Instagram has 251 million followers as of today January 4th, 2021, and that person is footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. This shows that Ronaldo is one of the most searched people online and on social media.

    To have the most follower on Instagram is big, this means he has a strong brand, a popular name and he is possibly the most marketable person on this planet.

    Also, he is a very talented footballer who continues to break many records in football history. Ronaldo started rising to fame as a young kid, he made a big name for himself at Manchester United before moving to La Liga where he won many trophies while playing for Real Madrid.

    Cristiano Ronaldo signed a 4 year, € 100 million transfer deal with Juventus on July 10th, 2018. After moving to Juventus, Ronaldo became the highest-paid footballer in the Serie A league.

    Cristiano Ronaldo's Instagram follow
    Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus – 2021

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s weekly wages corresponds with his popularity, he commands a hefty salary of €576,923 per week in wages. This means that Ronaldo makes €3,424 per hour.

    Moreover, a massive Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram follows mean that Ronaldo’s single post on Instagram will be worth a lot of money. If he posts anything, it will become popular Instantly, a good thing for marketers or companies who would like to partner with him.

    According to Forbes, Cristiano charges or can make about $1 million per paid post on Instagram. He also has the second-highest income from Instagram-related revenue at $23.3 million at 200 million followers on IG. Now that Ronaldo broke the record and now has 251 million followers and counting, his post value can be estimated at $1.5 million per post, which is a very strong selling and buying power.


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