Mathias Pogba And Paul Pogba’s Face-off: French Prosecutors Begin Investigation

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French prosecutors have opened an investigation into the simmering crisis between Paul Pogba and his elder brother Mathias Pogba. The two brothers have been entangled in an unending series of accusations and counter-accusations.

Paul Pogba
Mathias Pogba accused Paul Pogba of trying to cast a spell on Mbappe

More drama has besieged the ongoing face-off between former Manchester United player Paul Pogba and his elder brother Mathias Pogba as French prosecutors have confirmed an ongoing investigation into the crisis.

According to the French detectives, the investigation follows a complaint lodged against ‘yet unknown person or persons’ for “blackmail by an armed gang, kidnapping, and membership of a criminal conspiracy.” The investigation will be overseen by the judicial arm following a preliminary inquiry into the effect of the Pogba feud.

Recall that Paul Pogba, 29, had reported a case of planned blackmail spearheaded by his brother Mathias Pogba to the Police. A report from prosecutors seems to confirm that they have begun investigating alleged ‘attempts on blackmail by an organized gang.’

Meanwhile, Mathias Pogba had shocked the world when he released a video in which he threatened to release ‘great revelations’ that will ’cause a lot of noise’ about his younger brother Paul Pogba. According to him, after the ‘great revelations,’ football fans and authorities will decide whether Paul Pogba deserves all the accolades and pomp that has trailed his rise to stardom in football.

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Mathias also admitted that he had something to say about French and PSG forward Kylian Mbappe.

Paul Pogba, his agent, mother, and lawyer have all dispelled the allegations by Mathias Pogba as raised in the video. According to them, Mathias’s statements are the sequel to numerous attempts to extort money from Paul Pogba. This follows a statement by the judicial investigative panel into alleged attempts of blackmail and extortion by some organized gangs in which Mathias Pogba and Paul Pogba’s childhood friends are ‘prime suspects.’

Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba’s brothers

While narrating his ordeal to authorities, Paul reportedly revealed how he was dragged by ‘hooded me with assault rifles’ into an apartment in Paris. Accepting him, the hooded men demanded €13m from him as payment for the protection services they had been offering stretching back to thirteen years. The 29-year-old former Manchester United player said the men demanded the money because they claimed he had not assisted them.

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Paul stated that he had always assisted his childhood friends but had to kick one out of his house in 2017 when he used his credit card to steal £17,000.

After Paul Pogba’s allegations, a fuming Mathias Pogba released another video in which he cleared the air on Mbappe’s place in the story. Mathias accused his brother of trying to employ a witch doctor to harm and cast a spell on Mbappe. He further accused his brother Paul of trying to shut him up and promised to come up with more revelations.

Meanwhile, French media reports have it that Paul had allegedly paid €100,000 to the extortionists out of the €13m demanded.

As the crisis escalates, the French Prosecutors have confirmed an investigation into the case. A statement released on Friday 2nd September 2022 said the authorities had begun an investigation into; “charges of extortion in an organized gang, attempted extortion in an organized gang, and participation in a criminal conspiracy with the view to commit a crime, relating to various allegations of which Mr. Paul Pogba would have been a victim between March and July 2022.”

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The authorities further added, “The investigations will continue within the framework of a judicial investigation entrusted to two magistrates investigators of the Paris Court of Justice.”

Pogba won the 2018 World Cup with France. He’s hoping to make his second World Cup appearance for the French national team. The brewing feud may likely take a toll on his football career if the accusations are confirmed after an investigation. His brother could also find himself in jail if he is found wanting.

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