Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden Released from England Squad After Inviting Girls Over to Hotel

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Manchester United wonderkid Mason Greenwood and Manchester City’s Phil Foden have reportedly been axed from the England squad after the pair invited two girls to their hotel following England’s win over Iceland.

Manchester United‘s Greenwood and City’s Phil Foden both featured made their international debut in the Three lion’s 1-0 win over Iceland.

According to the Coronavirus guidelines, players are not allowed to meet anyone outside of the England camp with the rule stating players were only allowed to go to training and matches.

According to Iceland news outlet DV, the two girls posted snaps of both Greenwood and Foden to Snapchat during their time together.

In the snap, one girl said: “Casual Sunday here with *****. She was booking a hotel to meet who?”

While the other girl answered: “Mason Greenwood, and I’m nervous. Very f****** nervous.”

The youngsters have been isolated and did not train with Garett Southgate’s squad today after breaching the coronavirus protocols.

The duo will not travel with the rest of the squad to Denmark today and will reportedly be dropped for the match.

The girls have since refused to comment on their time with the England youngsters.

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Speaking to DV They said: “We do not want to discuss this. We don’t want to get them in trouble.”

She added: “The only thing I can say is that I had been in touch with one of them for a few days. I’m not going to say how.”

England head coach Garett Southgate, speaking while speaking in a pre-match interview said both Greenwood and Foden’ have Ben “naive” and will miss England’s match against Denmark.

“Unfortunately this morning it was brought to my attention that the two boys have broken the COVID guidelines in terms of our secure bubble – had to decide they couldn’t have interaction with the rest of the team.

“Nothing has happened in the areas we occupy in the hotel. We are still getting the depths of the information. Still getting to grips with the detail. We have spent such a long time getting measures in place and the whole squad followed that to the letter.

“I’m not going into any more details until I’m clear of everything. No-one from outside the hotel has been into the areas we occupy.”

On what’s to come for the youngsters, he said: “The two boys are going to find themselves in a position where there will be lots of judgment of them from afar. They understand they have got this wrong. Our job is to get on with the game”

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He added: “We are very clear that no other members of our party have been in contact with the two players – couldn’t join us for breakfast or training.

“It is a very serious situation and we have treated it that way. I think at the moment I’m trying to take a lot of information in.

“Obviously they have been naive, we have dealt with it appropriately. I recognize their age but the whole world is dealing with this pandemic.

“I’m a father with children, young adults, I know people get things wrong. I’m not excusing that in this instance.”

One of the girls, Nadia Sif Lindal Gunnarsdottir, 20, is an an Icelandic beauty queen and model. It reported that she brought her cousin along with her for the meet up after they met Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden online.

The model told MailOnline that she had been chatting with Manchester United’s youngster  Greenwood for a ‘couple of days’ before he their visit to Iceland for the Nations League game in Reykjavik.

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Nadia has come out to apologise, staying she felt bad about the situation

Speaking to MailOnline, Nadia said: ‘I feel really sorry for him and I never wanted to put them in that position but we didn’t know any better and we didn’t know that they were quarantining, or else we wouldn’t have gone to meet them.

‘We didn’t even know who Phil was. I asked Phil who he was. I’m not that much into football. I don’t watch football at all.

‘We didn’t even know that Mason played for Man United.’

She added: ‘We haven’t spoken to them since. We don’t want to interrupt them because they are of course going through a lot right now. They haven’t contacted us.

‘It was a good night that we had, of course. We were all the four of us spending time together and getting to know each other. They were nice guys. Really, really nice.’

Her cousin, Lara, added: ‘They were just young. We were all young and stupid and we all make mistakes. They treated us really well. They were such gentlemen. Really nice guys.’ 

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