Martin Braithwaite Of Denmark Has Been A Good Earner Outside Of Football

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Martin Braithwaite of Denmark and Former Barcelona striker has been making lots of money outside football and his fortunes are unbelievable.

Martin Braithwaite, during his time at Barcelona

The former FC Barcelona star striker, 31 years old, who currently plays at Espanyol, owned a company reportedly worth a massive 216 million pounds.

According to reports, Martin Braithwaite has also invested in a clothing line, as well as a high end restaurant with his wife Anne Laure who is believed to be an entrepreneur.

Martin Braithwaite’s biggest property is in the US which offers affordable housing and historically black communities.

Meanwhile, his wife (Laure) also runs her own healthful meal delivery service.

In 2017, Martin Braithwaite made a £617,000 investment in NYCE Companies in the US alongside his brother Philip Michael.

It increased in value to an astounding £7.2 million in its first year. It is currently estimated to be worth around £180 million.

In essence, what they accomplished was something that cities in Philadelphia and New Jersey sorely needed.

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Martin Braithwaite and his brother constructed cheap housing in neighborhoods frequented by black Americans.

Martin Braithwaite
Martin Braithwaite and his brother

They will have approximately 1,500 flats in six years, and they are now building 500 more.

Martin Braithwaite is passionate about ‘Black Lives Matter’, giving African-Americans more chances in the digital sector and business.

They hope to have produced 100,000 millionaires in the millennial generation by 2030.

Braithwaite’s interests extend beyond real estate to include gastronomy and fashion.

He owns a clothing line and a restaurant with his stunning wife Anne-Laure.

Martin Braithwaite
Martin Braithwaite and his wife

Since it was founded in 2019, Trente, a women’s line, is thought to have had tremendous success in her native France.

Anne-Laure, a self-described foodie, and Martin also share ownership of the Gave restaurant on Barcelona’s Gava beach.

It debuted not long after Braithwaite relocated to the city from Leganes and specializes in vegetarian fare, which resulted in his wife’s subsequent business.

He made the list of sport’s richest people on Forbes’ annual list last year thanks to his phenomenal career outside of football.

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His teammates made far more money than he did at his previous club, Barcelona, with weekly salaries of £85,000.

The former Middlesbrough striker was the richest player at the club after Lionel Messi left for PSG, thanks to his firm’s increased wealth.

When Xavi determined that Braithwaite was surplus to requirements and no one offered to replace him, Braithwaite was invited to amicably terminate his contract earlier in the summer.

Martin Braithwaite
Martin Braithwaite

Martin Braithwaite allegedly demanded a £4 million pay-off along with the full payment of his contract, but the club objected.

The free agent penned down a three-year deal with Barcelona’s city rivals Espanyol just hours after being released from his contract with Barcelona.

It pours when it rains for Braithwaite, who appears to have no mistakes when it comes to making money.

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