Married Premier League Star Gags Secret Lover With £20,000 And Legal Non-Disclosure Agreement

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A Premier League player and England international, who is married, has reportedly gagged his secret lover with a whooping £20,000 and a legal Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Married Premier League player gags woman with £20,000 and a Non-Disclosure Agreement

The player in question, whose identity is yet to be disclosed for legal reasons, is said to have started a secret relationship with a secret lover although he is married.

To ensure the secret affair is nibbed in the bud and kept off the glares of the public and media, he has reportedly paid the secret lover £20,000 and backed it up with a legal non-disclosure agreement.

This implies if the secret lover unfurls the relationship, letting the cat out of the bag, she stands to be queried by law and will incur financial damages.

According to reports, the secret relationship is said to have started since 2019 and the footballer in question is said to have been unmarried by then.

Now, after he has gotten married, he is said to have continued keeping the secret relationship and has done everything to keep it secret.

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Premier League
The Premier League player is also said to be an England international

The relationship is said to have involved several hotel visits with the footballer ensuring he keeps contact with the lover.

The woman in question is said to be a single mother and has cooperated with the footballer to keep the relationship going.

However, it is still unclear how the relationship burst into the media space despite the stringent control measures agreed to by the two parties.

The identity of both lovers is still kept secret for legal reasons despite media noses bursting open the relationship.

The player is said to be an active Premier League star and is also playing for England national team.

His relationship status has been confirmed as married.

Some women activists groups in the UK have kicked against such secret arrangements engineered by the player to keep the relationship off the spotlights.

They deem it unjust to gag a woman into signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement and deleting photos, messages, and other traces of the relationship.

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The activist group claim such moves are unhealthy and could be equated to spates of domestic violence that have plagued relationships, including marriages.

Footballers keeping concubines after they have gotten married is not a new phenomenon.

While the choice is the players’ there are far-reaching impacts of such behaviors.

Premier League
Kyle Walker came under the wires when he was spotted in a bar drunk and caressing a woman despite the fact that he is married

Recently, Kyle Walker came under fire after he was spotted in a bar drunk and caressing women in what English media termed “the flashing shame scandal.”

He was cautioned by Manchester City and the Police have launched an investigation into the incident for a potential breach of public order.

Kyle Walker risks jail or a fine if found guilty after the investigations.

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