Kyle Walker’s Wife Annie Clashes With Jamie Vardy’s Wife Becky After Kyle Walker’s Flashing Shame Footage


    Wife of Manchester City Star defender Annie Kilner has clashed with Jamie Vardy’s wife Becky after Kyle Walker’s flashing shame footage.

    Annie Kyle Walker, Becky
    Annie and Becky at loggerheads after Kyle Walker’s flashing shame footage

    The two wags locked horns on social media, throwing tantrums and hurling unsavory remarks at each other.

    The unintended bust-up between the two wags erupted following Kyle Walker’s viral footage on social media now referred to as the flashing shame.

    On Sunday, Kyle Walker threw caution to the wind to get drunk and was captured in viral footage flirting without scruples with two women in a bar.

    After the footage of drunk Kyle Walker surfaced online, Becky took to her Instagram handle and wrote, ” the gift that keeps giving.”

    The post is said to have angered Annie who had held her silence but later exploded with fury when Becky dropped another bombshell post aiming a dig at Annie.

    Annie Kyle Walker, Becky
    Kyle Walker’s wife Annie

    Sources close to the wag of the Manchester City right-back said Annie had remained mute despite the subtle rusty remarks by Becky aimed at her.

    The 30-year-old reportedly chose dignified silence after being prodded by the post but was forced to react after another post in which Becky said she was claiming ‘victim.’

    Meanwhile, Becky appeared to have denied aiming a dig at Annie with her first post, defending herself in a long Instagram post that fueled the beef.

    In a pretty candid tone and nonchalance, Becky said she had woken up in the morning to have her name linked to a story that is aimed at attacking her.

    She accused Annie of attacking her instead of going for those who had called her a doormat.

    The wife of the Leicester forward did not spare the hints, blasting Annie for playing the victim while trying to drag her into what she knows nothing about.

    Annie Kyle Walker, Becky
    Jamie Vardy’s wife Becky

    Becky called Annie a bully who had cooked up lies in the media about her, attacking her as well instead of focusing on her own life.

    “Waking up this morning to my name being associated with another delightful story in yet another opportunity to attack m”, she wrote.

    “Funny though isn’t it that it’s my name she wants to use rather than the people actually laughing at her for being a doormat.

    “Art of deflection to a T. Great at playing the victim is our Annie.

    “I think she needs to focus on what’s going on in her own life instead of trying to attack me by bringing me into her drama.

    “Believe me, had it been about her I would have tagged her. She’s obsessed . . . 

    “I’m literally tired of being nice to people with short memories.

    “I’ve stayed silent while she’s bashed me in the media, made up lies about me in her little community like a group of playground bullies. Just leave me alone.”

    “Tried to tag her but she’s blocked me.”

    Becky’s long vitriol was accompanied by the sound of Michael Jackson hit Smooth Criminal which repeats the lyric: “Annie, are you okay?”

    Becky’s long vitriol had reportedly incensed Annie, who was shocked at how the Leicester City forward’s wife came out publicly bashing her and calling her a doormat.

    History of enmity between Annie and Becky

    Annie and Becky had been at loggerheads since the Wagatha Christie legal tussle between Becky and Wayne Rooney’s wife Coleen Rooney.

    Kyle Walker’s flashing shame footage 1

    Annie was innocently dragged into the sensational trial by Becky after Coleen accused the latter of breaching her privacy. Becky pointed accusing fingers at Annie, saying she is the one that leaked one of the photos that was under question.

    Annie had reportedly remained mute throughout the trial but the relationship between the two wags has never been smooth again since then.

    They have treaded separate parts with Annie refusing to be dragged into Becky’s auras.

    Annie had accused Becky of pulling unnecessary media stunts to grab attention as “she thrives off the limelight.”

    While the 30-year-old mother of three cringes at Becky’s audacity to call her a doormat in public, Becky apparently vented his spleen for being dragged innocently into a row that does not concern her

    The row between the two wags was sparked when CCTV footage showed Kyle Walker dropping his tracksuit bottom to expose himself at a bar in Cheshire.

    Kyle Walker was spotted drunk, wilding away his time at the bar to the glee of other drinkers before making his way from the bar via a minibus.

    Annie Kyle Walker, Becky
    Kyle Walker’s flashing shame footage 2

    His wife, Annie, is said to have reacted furiously to the footage calling him a d**k after the incident.

    Meanwhile, the Police have began inquiry into the incident and are in custody of the video that showed Kyle Walker and the women pals in the bar.

    The Manchester City defender is likely to be prosecuted if the video is found to constitute an offence and a breach of public order.


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