Mario Balotelli suffers damage as someone broke into his car


    Mario Balotelli is known as a temperamental player, which many had said affected his playing career.

    But this time around, the Italian striker, who has been training with a fourth-division, semi-professional side in Italy after being released by Brescia in the summer is furious.

    The 30-year-old former Manchester City, Inter Milan, and Liverpool striker took to his Inststory to upload the video of how someone damaged his car,.

    Obviously, the person was trying to either steal the car or get valuables from it.

    This is expected to be a bad time for Balotelli as he is also without a club while making use of the facilities at Franciacorta to keep fit.

    The common story that has pervaded Balotelli’s career is that disciplinary issues and bad behavior get in the way of his success as a professional footballer.

    It could be recalled that Balotelli on new year’s eve crashed his car in his neighbours’ garage.

    This time around the damage to his car can’t be evaluated. Anyways, he left a note for who ever did the terrible act.”

    “I know that you … You whoever you are will come to know this message .. I just tell you to pray, pray so much, and well that I never know who you are because I will persecute you for life by the law as in other ways ( “can not be done)”.”

    How much does Balotelli worth now?

    Despite being out of contract, Balotelli has a net worth of $80 million.

    Why does Balotelli wear 45

    Balotelli had during his younger days at Inter scored four goals in four games whilst wearing jersey number 45.

    He felt it has always brought him luck. So, the Italy international has carried it throughout much of his senior career.

    Is Balotelli in FIFA 21?

    As expected, Balotelli, whose height is 190 cm and weight 94 kg has a gold card in FIFA 21. The rare gold card is said to be available in FIFA 21 Packs.

    Who is Balotelli’s wife

    Balotelli already has two kids but there are controversies surrounding that as well. Fanny Neguesha, a Belgian model and actress was the person Super Mario was so close to marrying after engaging her at some point between 2013 and 2014.

    The former AC Milan striker also once dated Rafaella Fico, who later claimed that she was pregnant with his child.

    Despite his denial of the child, it was eventually confirmed he is the father after a positive DNA test. In 2017, Balotelli had a second son, although the mother was never identified.

    How many goals has Balotelli scored in his career?

    Balotelli has so far scored 161 goals from 3999 games in all competitions througout his club career.

    In international football, he netted 14 goals in 36 games with the senior national team while scoring five in 15 games for the Azurri under 21.

    Trophies won by Balotelli

    Thtougout his career, Balotelli has so fare won nine trophies with Inter Milan and Manchester City.

    Before leaving Inter, Balotelli won the Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italia, and UEFA Champions League once.


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