Marc Overmars Resigns From Ajax Following ‘Inappropriate Texts’ To Female Coworkers

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Marc Overmars, former Ajax and Netherlands footballer resigned from his position after it was uncovered that he violated club policy by sending texts to club personnel.

Marc Overmars Resigns From Ajax Following 'Inappropriate Texts' To Female Coworkers

Marc Overmars, Ajax’s head of football affairs, has resigned with immediate effect following improper messages he sent to female colleagues.

The 48-year-old, who recently signed a contract extension through 2026, has decided to resign from his position following discussions with club CEO Edwin van der Sar and the club’s supervisory board.


The director stated that he is “ashamed” of his behavior following the revelation that he sent a series of messages to club staff.

What was said?

“I am Ashamed. I was confronted with reports regarding my behavior last week. And how this has been perceived by others, “According to Overmars, in a statement posted on Ajax’s website.

“Regrettably, I was unaware that I was crossing a line with this, but it was made very plain to me in recent days.”

I was instantly overwhelmed by immense pressure. My apologies. Certainly, this behavior is improper for someone in my position. I now see that as well. However, it is too late. I see no alternative to abandoning Ajax.”

“This also has a significant impact on my personal life. That is why I respectfully request that everyone leave me and my family alone.”

What has been said by others?

Supervisory board chairman Leen Meijaard stated in his response to the situation that the discoveries of Overmars’ texts were “devastating for the women who have had to deal with the behavior.”

He continued: “Marc is probably Ajax’s best football director. For a reason, we upgraded and extended his contract. However, he has crossed the line, and as he knew, staying as director was not an option. It is excruciatingly painful for everyone involved. I’d want to express my wish that everyone concerned has the opportunity to process this in peace and private.”

Marc Overmars Resigns From Ajax Following 'Inappropriate Texts' To Female Coworkers

Van der Sar, the club’s chief executive, called the situation as “I find the situation deplorable for everyone and agree with [supervisory board chairman] Leen Meijaard’s views,” he told the club’s website.

“Additionally, I feel a responsibility to assist colleagues in my role. Ajax’s employees place a premium on a safe work environment. In the near future, we will pay even more attention to this. Marc and I have known one other since the early 1990s, first at Ajax and subsequently with the national team, and we have worked together in Ajax’s management for about a decade.”

“That has now come to a screeching halt. We are now working on something truly amazing at Ajax, and this news will also come as a shock to anyone who cares about Ajax. However, our aspirations remain constant.”

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