Manon Mogavero is the wife of Alexandre Lacazette of Arsenal, here is all you need to know about her


    Manon Mogavero is the beautiful wife of Arsenal forward, Alexandre Lacazette. They have been together for years and are not looking like they are tired of each other any bit.

    Who is Alexandre Lacazette?

    Manon Mogavero is the wife of Alexandre Lacazette of Arsenal, here is all you need to know about her

    Before we get to know all about Manon Mogavero, let us get to know who her husband, Alexandre Lacazette is.

    Alexandre Lacazette is a 30-year-old French striker who joined Arsenal from Lyon on July 5, 2017, for a transfer fee worth €53 million.

    Since Lacazette joined Arsenal in 2017, the Frenchman has scored 71 goals and provided 36 assists in 202 games in all competitions. So far this season, the Frenchman has played 32 games in all competitions in which he scored 6 goals and provided 8 assists.

    Based on the contract Alexandre Lacazette signed with Arsenal in 2017, the Frenchman earns around £182,000 per week. The contract will expire on June 30, 2022.

    Based on reports in the United Kingdom, Arsenal might not renew his contract, and could either join a club in Spain or return to his country at the end of this season.

    Who is the wife of Alexandre Lacazette?

    Manon Mogavero is the wife of Alexandre Lacazette of Arsenal, here is all you need to know about her
    File photo of Alexandre Lacazette and his wife Manon Mogavero.

    Alexandre Lacazette is said to be married to his long-term girlfriend Manon Mogavero even though he hardly shares Instagram posts about her.

    The Arsenal striker hardly goes around without his wedding ring to prove that he is a gentleman to the core and loyal to Mogavero.

    It might interest you to note that Alexandre Lacazette and Mogavero have been dating for two years before the French footballer left Lyon for Arsenal. Reports claimed that Lacazette’s affairs with the French woman went public in 2015. But it was not known when and where they officially got married.

    Despite how sweet and beautiful the relationship and marriage life was looking, rumors of break up went viral in 2020 but nothing as such happened at least to the best of our knowledge.

    Why did Alexandre Lacazette’s relationship with Mogavero almost crash in 2020?

    File photo of Alexandre Lacazette and a then nightclub worker Funda Gedik.
    File photo of Alexandre Lacazette and a then nightclub worker Funda Gedik.

    In mid-2020, a big scandal took over the Internet alleging that Alexandre Lacazette cheated on Manon Mogavero.

    The alleged incident was said to have started at a nightclub in England where the footballer allegedly linked up with the nightclub attendant known as Funda Gedik.

    The scandal became so big that reports claimed Lacazette took Gedik on expensive dates even though Mogavero was at his mansion in London.

    Some of the expensive dates that the footballer enjoyed with Gedik reportedly happened at hotels that cost as much as £1,500-a-night.

    The secret affairs between Lacazette and Gedik reportedly lasted for three months before Gedik realized that the footballer was married.

    Afterward, the footballer decided to end his secret affairs with Gedik and found a way to convince Mogavero to forgive him which she reportedly did.

    Who is Manon Mogavero?

    Who is Manon Mogavero?

    Unlike most footballers’ girlfriends and wives that are mostly models, influencers, or full housewives, Manon Mogavero is a career woman.

    Futballnews can confirm that despite her husband earning almost £200,000 per week as a player at Arsenal, Mogavero works as a therapist in London.

    However, she attracted the attention of the world as the wife of a Premier League star, Alexandre Lacazette.

    What is the biography of Manon Mogavero?

    Futballnews gathered that Manon Mogavero was born in 1991 which means that she is 31-year-old, a year older than her husband, Alexandre Lacazette.

    Due to how private she is, her exact date of birth could not be determined before publishing this report. However, Futballnews can confirm that she was born and raised in France.

    What are the education and family backgrounds of Manon Mogavero?

    Manon Mogavero is a very private person. Her social media platforms could not be found not even details about her extended family.

    However, Futballnews gathered that Mogavero is a highly educated woman who had her education from basic to the university level in France.

    She started working as a therapist in France before she agreed to relocate to London after Arsenal signed Lacazette in 2017. Since then, Mogavero has been working in London as a therapist.

    What are the body measurement and net worth of Mogavero?

    Alexandre Lacazette and his wife Manon Mogavero.

    The net worth of Manon Mogavero is not known yet. But her husband, Alexandre Lacazette, is reportedly worth around £18 million. He makes most of his money through football. As mentioned earlier, Lacazette earns £182,063 per week as an Arsenal player.

    Talking about the body measurement of Manon Mogavero, the 31-year-old French therapist is 1.67 meters tall and weighs around 55 kg.

    Unlike most ladies married to superstars, Mogavero does not have a tattoo. She has blonde hair and brown hair which used to be perfect for Lacazette.

    At the time of publishing this report, we could not confirm whether the marriage between Manon Mogavero and Alexandre Lacazette had produced any child. But it is believed that they have at least a son together based on an Instagram post of Lacazette.


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