Manchester United’s Odion Ighalo went shopping for a Rolls Royce

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Manchester United loanee Odion Ighalo has been spending his two weeks break in Dubai and he was spotted recently shopping for a new Rolls Royce.

The 31-year-old striker who joined Manchester United last winter on loan from Chinese Super League club Shanghai Shenhua, took to his Instagram page with over 1 million followers to share a clip showing when he was being shown around a wide range of luxurious cars. The array of exotic cars in display worth between $455,000–$535,000.

Though there was no confirmation that he made a buy after the tour, he earlier shared a picture of himself dressed differently from what he wore when he was touring around the exotic cars. In the picture, Ighalo could be seen chilling in a Rolls Royce which is believed to be his.

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Odion Ighalo and Manchester United

Odion Ighalo
Odion Ighalo

Though Odion Ighalo has been playing football since he was 17-year-old, his fame as a footballer attained a new height when he finally had the opportunity to make his dream move to Manchester United during the January transfer window.

According to reports, Ighalo had to accept a pay cut off what he was earning at his Chinese club Shanghai Shenhu just to realize his dream of playing at Manchester United. Hence, instead of the £300,000 per week he has been earning in China since February 2019, he had to settle for £180,000 per week at Manchester United.

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His 6 months loan move at Manchester United ought to have expired in June but had to be extended until 31 of January 2021 due to his impact on the club and for the fact that foreigners are not allowed to fly into China during that period due to the dreaded coronavirus pandemic.

Ighalo’s performance at Manchester United

Odion Ighalo
Odion Ighalo

Though Ighalo did not have a lot of playing time in the just concluded 2019-2020 season at Manchester United, he was able to show a couple of brilliance with the little time he was given to play.

His brilliance around the eighteen-yard box of the opposition’s half earned him extra months at the club. So far, Odion Ighalo has been able to score 5 goals for United, two in Europa League, and three in FA Cup. He was also able to provide an assist in the Europa League.

The crashing relationship of Odion Ighalo and his estranged wife Sonia

Odion Ighalo and his beautiful family.
Odion Ighalo and his beautiful family.

Though the football career of the 31-year-old former Super Eagles of Nigeria striker Odion Ighalo has been enjoying an upward growth, the same can not be said about his marriage to Sonia. The beautiful union which started long before they officially got married in November 2009 has suddenly gone sour as the two lovers have not been able to reconcile their differences.

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The world began to notice that there was a crack in their beautiful union which has produced two sons and a daughter in November 2019 when Ighalo and Sonia failed to share any Instagram post to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary as they did during their 9th wedding anniversary.

The trend continued in December 2019 when Ighalo and Sonia failed to post their end of the year or Christmas family picture on Instagram just like they did in December 2018.

The crash became more obvious on 20 March 2020, when Ighalo failed to wish Sonia a happy birthday on Instagram. When the fans of the couple decided to push for a reaction from Sonia on why her husband failed to wish her a happy birthday on Instagram, the footballer’s wife shared an Instagram post to insist that it was the call of Ighalo that woke her up on her birthday. She went on to insist that she and Ighalo were still traditionally and “above all” legally married with three kids.

However, Sonia changed her name on Instagram from Sonia Ighalo to her maiden name “Adesuwa”. Her Instagram handle is now @desuwa30 instead of @sjighalo24 but she still maintains the same Instagram account.

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To make the speculation that they have both gone their separate ways obvious, Ighalo and Sonia don’t longer have each other series of stunning pictures on their separate Instagram accounts.

The alleged reason why Ighalo and Sonia are now estranged couples

Odion Ighalo and his beautiful family.
Odion Ighalo and his beautiful family.

According to what Futballnews has been able to gather, the problem between Ighalo and Sonia originated from the conflict of interest that existed between Sonia and the family members of Ighalo.

Sonia was reportedly not in good terms with the late sister of Ighalo, Mary. She was also not in good terms with Ighalo’s only brother Daniel. She openly insulted Daniel on Instagram because he planned to use Ighalo’s mansion in Lagos for a private party. The footballer’s wife also took to the Instagram story early this year to blast Ighalo for having a party at his orphanage home in Lagos weeks after the death of his sister.

All these could be the reasons why her affair with Ighalo has gone so sour but there has never been any official statement from both sides to confirm that they have officially divorced. Also, as at last check, Ighalo was not known to be into a relationship with another woman.

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