Why was Manchester united player Harry Maguire arrested in Greece?

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Futballnews broke the news that Manchester United player Harry Maguire was arrested after an altercation at a bar in Mykonos, Greece.  We now have additional information on what led to harry Maguire’s arrest and we can say this may be a bit serious.

Harry Maguire was on a holiday in Mykonos, Greece when he and his entourage decided to hit the night club. Apparently, a fight started after an altercation and he was taken into custody along with two friends. They were accused of verbal abuse and violent act towards police officers.   

According to reports, Harry Maguire and his friends got into an altercation with other British vacationers a bar near the resort in the early hours of Friday, August 21, 2020.

Jamie Jackson from the Guardian reported that Maguire was taken into custody by the Greek police and that two Greek officers were “thrown Down” after one of Maguire’s men swung at them.

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The report also said that they were punched and kicked violently and this caused to an unidentified officer to suffer facial injuries.

Also, Manchester United captain Harry Maguire was alleged to have attacked an officer before making an attempt to bribe them.

The police arrested Harry Maguire along with two men whose Identities are being withheld. They were booked and held overnight.  In the morning, Maguire was transferred from Mykonos resort to Syros Island where would face the public prosecutor and possibly face charges of aggravated assault. We’re not sure if he will be charged with bribery also.

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A new report from the Daily mail revealed that Maguire will be required to spend one more night in jail.

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