Manchester United made it easier for us to gain more points – Salah speaks on the recent game with united following the 4 – 0 win


After the Reds’ 4-0 thrashing of their bitter rivals at Anfield, Mohamed Salah stated Manchester United makes Liverpool’s ‘life simpler.’

Liverpool were huge favorites coming into the game on Tuesday night, and Luis Diaz finished off a brilliant team play within the first five minutes. Jurgen Klopp’s side add three more goals before the final whistle in a game they completely dominated.

Salah, who has already scored five goals against Manchester United this season, claimed after the game that the Red Devils make things easy for Liverpool:

“In the midfield and at the back, they make our lives easier.

“They usually want to pass the ball to us in one-on-one situations, which makes our life a lot simpler, especially when we defend well.

Both here [Anfield] and there [Old Trafford], we had a clean sheet. As a result, they make it easier for us to score.” I believe we put in a strong showing both at home and away.

We’re hoping to keep going in this direction. Salah was asked about his two goals, which were his first since a win against Brighton in March.

“I’ve scored a lot of goals for this club, and they’re going to keep coming, as I’ve said a few times. I may have poor luck on occasion, but the most important thing is that the team wins – that is the most essential thing.” I would be dissatisfied if the team did not succeed, but they do.” He explained

We had perfect control of the game for about 70 minutes. Our counter-attacking was incredible to me: the speed, the drive to get the ball back. It was a fantastic game with some fantastic goals, and everyone is overjoyed.

“Thiago… [breaks out in a wide smile]… Not terrible at all! He’s a world-class athlete. When he gets into the game, when he finds his rhythm, he can be… quite dangerous.

“[On defeating United 9-0 in both games].” Our supporters are astute; they understand that such occurrences are rare. United are not in a good place right now, what with all of their injuries and other issues. They will return. But tonight was a great moment for our fans, and they deserve every bit of happiness.

[Liverpool fans however praised Cristiano Ronaldo in the seventh minute] I loved it. That is how football should be played. Our hearts go out to Cristiano and his family. I can’t even understand how difficult that must be, and we truly sympathize with him.”


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