Manchester United hierarchy might change their mind Over club’s sale process


    Manchester United could be removed from the sales market in what seems to be a massive U-turn that the Glazers family want to embark on. 

    The Glazers are eyeing a programme that would enable the club to make money from the club’s global appeal and not its on the pitch dealings. 

    In spite of an agreed meeting with both Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Qatari billionaire, Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani over the possibility of selling the club, it looks to be that every of those possibilities are presently on the table alongside the possibility of erasing the complete process. 

    Based on current standings, there is little-to-no indication that any individual or group looking to acquire Manchester United would meet the Glazers £6bn price tag set for the club. 

    Rumors of a squabble involving the Glazer brothers or a potential outright purchase by co-chairman Avram and Joel Glazer are being massively squashed. 

    Manchester United's major share holders Avram and Joel Glazer
    Avram and Joel Glazer

    A top informant stated: “The family will act as one. It will either be a full sale or an alternative.”

    The organization given the responsibility of handling the sale process, Raine Group, was set up in November and it is thought to be involved in eyeing several options. No final move has been set as of now.

    It contains the outright sale that is the motive of Sheikh Jassim who is a banker and a member of the Qatari royal family.

    It would also give room for the proposed Ineos buy-out of the Glazers 69% shares but not the remainder of the club share stock.

    But one other alternative being given serious attention would be using external money, as 4 US hedge funds are in the market to have a possible part to play in creating a fresh organization to push the club’s merchandising and digital commercial works.

    The not so popular style would see the Glazers join hands alongside one deep-pocketed monetary organization. One of which is the Los Angeles-based Ares Management fund which has assets of £246bn to set up a fresh entity.

    This would give them the chance to gather more money from potential leeways that would arise due to digital sales, video gaming, merchandise licensing and it would be mixed with what occurs on the football pitch. 

    That plan would reduce the family on superintending the sale of the club fully, even though it is arising with the possibility of a potential sale already in an advanced stage. 

    The two established bidders want the deal to be finalized by May 31 to give room for a well planned and concrete move in view of the upcoming summer transfer window.

    Manchester United bidders
    Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani and Sir Jim Ratcliffe

    Raine Group wants to show the financial information of Manchester United one by one rather than simultaneously

    According to information from The Sun, Raine Group wants to show the club’s financial information to each bidder one after the other and not at the same time. 

    Due to how the deal is, there would be a need for those who are skilled and understand tax, legal and property surveillance, contacts already available and documents on the players before those who want to acquire the club can agree on a well outlined price tag. 

    This fresh information could be viewed as a possible plan to take time to scrutinize the minds of the buyers with the Glazers not thinking of going back on their already set forward valuation. 

    Manchester United are listed at a value of an amount little above £3 billion according to the New York Stock Exchange. 

    We wait and see how Manchester United’s sale process would go, if the Glazers would finally sell the team after over 12 years as owners of the club or whether they would continue their much maligned ownership of the team. 


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