Manchester United Takover Delayed Until Summer As Glazers Disagree on Post-sale Plan


Manchester United’s takeover has been reportedly delayed by the Glazers until the summer following the indecision of the Glazers.

Glazers Manchester United
Manchester United takeover delayed

Following soaring anti-Glazers sentiments among the Manchester United fanbase, the Glazers decided to put up the club for sale in November 2022.

The news was greeted with ecstasy and high hopes by United fans who had longed for an end to the Glazers’ seeming unproductive reign at Old Trafford.

The American investors have been at the helm of affairs at Manchester United for eighteen years and have overseen an era of unprecedented decline at the club.

Manchester United’s glory days ended with the exit of one of the most revered and respected managers in the Premier League Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Alex Ferguson resigned as the longest-serving Manchester United manager, winning 13 Premier League titles, FA Cups, Carabao Cup, and the Champions League.

Glazers Manchester United
Qatar’s Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al-Thani has submitted a bid for Man United takover

Since his exit, United has been a shadow of itself shuffling a set of new managers who failed to bring the club back to the giant it was before Alex Ferguson’s exit.

Meanwhile, tempers have been flaring in the rank of fans, who wanted an end to the Glazers’ poor handling and mismanagement of the club.

Regular protests were organized with the fans, asking the Glazers to leave the club.

In November 2022, the cries of the fans yielded results with the Glazers announcing their decision to sell the club.

An American merchant Group, Raine Group, were asked by the Glazers to oversee the transition of ownership and sale of the club.

Raine Group set a soft deadline slated for February 17 for all interested parties to submit their takeover bids or investment offers for the club.

Glazers Manchester United
Sir Jim Ratcliffe

So far, British richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Qatar’s Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al-Thani have tabled their offers for the club ahead of the February 17 soft deadline and are the frontrunners in the race to take over the club.

Manchester United share prices slumped to 13% on Monday following shocking reports the Glazers are planning to reconsider their stand on Manchester United sale.

Sources close to the American investors said the Glazers family are reportedly planning to reverse their decision to sell the club, and this led to a sharp plunge in the club’s market value.

Meanwhile, Raine Group had already mobbed up takeover bids from interested parties ahead of the soft deadline which was reportedly set to expedite the takeover process and sealed a deal before the end of March.

Now, another twist to the takeover process which may not go down well with United fans has been reported.

According to Daily Mail, the Glazers are reportedly undecided among themselves on the Manchester United takeover timeline.

Glazers Manchester United
Members of the Glazers Family are yet to agree on a Post-sale plan

Daily Mail confirm Manchester United has now been delayed two months more until May as the Glazers hold out for their £6bn valuation of the club, while the maximum bid and offers by interested parties is £4.5bn.

Also, the Guardian has confirmed all six members of the Glazers have their own individual intentions on the Man United takeover and are yet to agree among themselves. This is said to be another reason the March deadline’ previously set for the conclusion of the takeover process looks unlikely.

The report has also confirmed all members of the Glazers family have agreed to sell the club but a deal is most unlikely as things stand until they can agree on a plan after the sale.

Meanwhile, bidders for the club were reportedly expecting feedback from Raine Group after submitting their bids and it has been confirmed Raine Group are yet to deliver the feedback apparently due to the indecision of the Glazers.

As things stand, it is still unclear whether the Glazers were intent on the outright sale of the club or wanted to mob up investment offers while they still retain ownership of the club.

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