Manchester City are in the top-four, Premier League three-horse race has begun

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Manchester City have joined the Premier League title contenders for the 2020-2021 season at the top of the league table which marks the commencement of the league’s three-horse race.

At the beginning of the season, nobody foresaw the current arrangement of the league table. It was almost impossible for any football pundit to predict that a club like Manchester United will be at the top of the league table after matchday 17.

Less than expected by keen followers of the league, a club like Liverpool that suffered the worst hit when it comes to injuries but managed to stay at the top of the table, dropped to the second spot with 33 points in 17 games at the point most of their injured players have returned to full fitness.

But after a consistent run of good results which included a 15 away game unbeaten run, Manchester United are at the top of the table with 36 points in 17 games.

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The reigning Premier League champions that were being touted to successfully defend the title they won for the first time in 30 years last season have now opened the battle for the title to both Manchester United and Manchester City.

City just got closer to the action after lagging behind due to the number of games they have in hand and the injuries they suffered earlier in the season. On Wednesday, January 13, Pep Guardiola led his boys to play against Brighton and Phil Foden was the messiah of the game by scoring a 44th-minute goal.

Throughout the keenly contested match, Foden’s goal was the only difference and the 1-0 scoreline was enough to lift Manchester City to the third spot since Tottenham Hotspur failed to defeat lowly rated Fulham.

Unless something unthinkable happens, the boys have been separated from the men and the three main contenders for the league title – City, Liverpool, and United, have been revealed.

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The good news for Manchester City is that they are just 4 points away from first placed United despite having a game in hand. Once City win their outstanding game, the three-horse race will become more interesting and the club that wants it the most will have the last laugh.

Manchester City are in the top-four, Premier League three-horse race has begun

Though it is becoming obvious that the race for the Premier League title is mainly for Manchester United, Liverpool, and Manchester City, the battle is still wide open and the table can turn at any time.

For instance, a club like 4th placed Leicester which have 32 points in 17 games, 5th placed Everton with 32 points in 17 games, and 6th placed Tottenham with 30 points in 17 games can still cause an upset that might bring about a lot of change in the current arrangement of the table.

More so, a club like Aston Villa that has played just 15 league games due to the high rate of coronavirus infection the club is battling with, can still join the race because of the two outstanding games the club has. All Villa need to do to join the race is to win their two outstanding games and they will have 32 points in 17 games like City, Leicester, and Everton.

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