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Man United’s Marcus Rashford at War with Hunger

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Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford said he is ready to fight the hunger being faced by children in the United Kingdom until there is no child suffering from hunger again. The 22-year-old England international took to Twitter on Thursday to tweet that he and his partners have raised enough money to provide food for the needy across the UK.

Earlier, Rashford announced that he, in partnership with FareShare were aiming to raise £100,000 which would be used to supply foodstuff to vulnerable children across the UK during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Manchester United star announced days later than the target has been reached and they have raised over £20 million for the charity course.

Besides that, on Thursday, June 11, Rashford announced that people have contributed more than the new target he set to raise money to provide food for three million people who don’t have access to food in the UK. The target was initially conceived to be reached by the end of June. It was however reached over two weeks before the deadline.

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Hence, the United forward noted that the drive of the people who have been contributing for the charity course has inspired him to keep fighting until there is no longer hunger in the country.

“We had a goal that by end of June we would be able to supply 3 million meals to vulnerable people across the UK”, he tweeted. “Today we have met the financial goal to provide these meals. Thank you all so much for the support. And whilst I’m celebrating this, there is so much more to do.

“Trust me when I say, I will keep fighting until no child in the UK has to worry about where their next meal is coming from. This is England in 2020 and families need help.”

Meanwhile, the coach of Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said the team is ready for the restart of the disrupted 2019-2020 season. He stressed that his team will be mentally fit before their first match against Tottenham on June 19.

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“Everyone knows that we will have to be at our best, have to be focused against Tottenham”, the United manager told the club’s official website.

“Gradually now, as we’ve got into contact training, you can see a little bit more of the edge but also the camaraderie and team bonding. That’s vital for me in a team. That’s one of the main things, that we are a team and the team goes before anything else.”

Manchester United is currently sitting 5th on the Premier League table with 45 points. They have 9 games to play and win in order to guarantee their place in the top four. While their June 19 opponent, Tottenham Hotspur, are sitting on the 8 spot with 41 points.

Unfortunately for Jose Mourinho‘s boys, they will be without one of their most important players, Dele Alli, who was given one match suspension by the football FA for his social media post mocking the Chinese coronavirus woes earlier in the year.

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