Luis Rubiales: Real Madrid And Barcelona Risk Missing Out on Champions League Football This Season


    The fate of Spain’s two biggest clubs – Barcelona and Real Madrid, and other top Spanish clubs in European competitions are hanging on the balance as the row over Luis Rubiales’ kiss scandal deepens.

    Spain have seven slots in European competiton – four Champions League for the top-four finishers in Laliga, two Europa League slot for the 5th and sixth-placed teams, and a Conference League slot for the seventh-placed team.

    Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Real Sociedad have all cleared their slots for Champions League group stage this season.

    Luis Rubiales
    Real Madrid, Barcelona, and other top Spanish clubs could miss out of Champions due to Luis Rubiales’ saga

    Villarreal and Real Betis will fly the Laliga flag in Europa League while Osasuna have already kicked off their Conference League campaign in the qualifiers.

    Now, a shock twist to the brewing row involving Spanish Football Federation President, Luis Rubiales, has hung the fate of all Spanish representatives in European club competitions on a knife edge.

    How Spanish teams will lose out of European competitions due to Rubiales saga

    The Spanish football officials are divided on Luis Rubiales’ saga. Some members of the Spanish FA are solidly behind Luis Rubiales while others have chosen to resign after the scandalous kiss incident.

    Luis Rubiales
    Rubiales’ kiss footage

    Now, Luis Rubiales’ loyalists, who are still the legitimate authority handling the affairs of the Spanish FA, have reportedly written UEFA on Luis Rubiales’ saga.

    They have asked the European football governing to suspend Spanish FA in alignment to UEFA’s rule of ‘no government intervention’ in football.

    The action of the Spanish FA has been likened to self-sabotage with some reports emerging Rubiales’ loyalists are making last-ditch effort to deter the ongoing investigations by the Spanish government.

    Luis Rubiales
    Rubiales refused to resign after kiss scandal

    Recall the Spanish government had queued behind the loud call for Rubiales to resign after the kiss scandal. After Rubiales refused to resign, the government decided to wade into investigations into the incident targeting him.

    Futballnews understands Luis Rubiales is also the vice president of UEFA. As of the time of filling this report, UEFA are yet to issue a statement condemning the incident.

    If they grant Spanish FA’s request to suspend Spain from UEFA competitions, the move would amount to a support of Luis Rubiales and Spanish FA amid the brewing row.

    Rubiales has insisted he did not forcefully kissed Hermoso adding she consented to the kiss. Hermoso has refuted him saying she did not asked for the kiss and had felt embarrassed.

    FIFA has already suspended Rubiales for three months provisionally to aid investigations into the incident.

    Luis Rubiales’ mother blasts Hermoso, goes on hunger strike

    Luis Rubiales’ mother, Angeles Bejar, has gone on hunger strike protesting the ‘inhumane witch-hunt’ of his son. She has reportedly locked herself inside Divina Pastora church in Motril, Malaga, asking Hermoso to ‘tell the truth’ and save her son from the wild hunt.

    It is not clear when she will stop the fast but reports claimed she has vowed not to stop until Hermoso says the truth.


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