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Liverpool’s Alisson Becker baptizes Firmino and Man Utd Fred’s Wife

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Liverpool star Alisson Becker who is not shy of his religion is known to be a strong Christian who always praises GOD on the field whenever Liverpool scores a goal. Alisson who is of the Catholic faith in Christianity shared a picture of Monique Salum getting baptized. Monique Salum is the wife of Manchester United midfielder Fred. At the moment he could be seen guiding her through an emotional Christian baptism. 

The baptism took place before the winter break. Alisson  who is currently on vacation with his wife in Rio De Janeiro updated his Instagram followers. Monique who was also very emotional posted a touching video on Instagram showing the special moment.

There was a gospel singer present who sang while Alisson gently dunks Monique head below water. They can be seen in a swimming pool performing the baptism. Monique has taken to social media to pen an emotional letter and express her gratitude. She wrote: 

”Grateful for Alisson and Natalia’s help, Monique wrote: “This day! The day that will always be marked in my heart and soul. The day of my encounter with Jesus Christ, where I felt his presence and felt that it was the most certain and important choice of my life.”

“Where I gave my life and all my heart to him. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t explain everything I felt that day and how you have been transforming my life and the life of my family.”

“I could not fail to thank my dear friends @natalialbecker and @alissonbecker who introduced me to life in Christ Jesus and with their testimonies has been transforming the lives of everyone around them, including mine!”

“Thank you for making me I felt true love. You are a blessing in our lives! Thank you, God, for doing your works in my life. I serve you!”

Monique won’t be the first person Alisson is baptizing. Earlier last month, his team-mate Roberto Firmino posted a touching video to his Instagram in which showed the moment Alisson guided him through the religious ceremony. Firmino shared pictures online and the ceremony was witnessed by his family and friends.

The footage showed an emotional Firmino walking down the pool to where Alisson was. Firmino has also penned an emotional letter thanking his teammate and urging others to follow in the footsteps of walking with Christ.

See more pics below of both ceremonies:

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