Liverpool lost to Real Madrid, then they will lose Sadio Mane to a new club… Also, Mo Salad is yet to sign a new contract.


    Liverpool may be in deep problem and they may have more to worry about after losing the Champions League finals to Real Madrid. Sadio Mane informed Jurgen Klopp that he wants to transfer to Bayern, and Mohamed Salah is leaning towards Real Madrid and has refused to sign his new Liverpool contract offer.

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    Sadio Mane to make a ‘special’ announcement about his future after Liverpool vs Real Madrid Champions League final

    Sadio Mane will go to Bayern Munich unless Liverpool gives him more than just a salary hope. Mane needs more respect from Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp, and he needs to be sure that he and Mo Salah can continue to work together.

    Mo Salah, on the other hand, wants more salary bumps that fit his contribution to the club. According to our findings, Mohamed Salah of Liverpool is severely underpaid compared to other top players at rival clubs.

    Mohamed Salah is keen to sign a new deal with Liverpool – Egypt’s sports minister says… it will cost Liverpool £400,000 per week

    Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah are Liverpool’s top two strikers, losing both of them will mean that Liverpool has to start over and it will be difficult for them to be dominant again.

    Mohamed Salah’s Stats for EUFA Champions League, and the premier league shows that he has contributed a lot to his club. He averages 20 goals per season for Liver pool in the past 3 Premier League seasons.

    Sadio Mane’s stats: for the year 2022 and down, Mane has averaged 15 goals per season for Liverpool in the Premier League tournament and he has also done well in the Champions League matches.

    Mo Salah and Sadio Mane’s contributions will be tough to replicate if they both lose and they may not get to the Champions League final next season. Also, they may not come close to winning the English Premier League title as they will be without their top two strikers if they fail to reach a deal.


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