Lisandro Martinez And Girlfriend Muri Lopez Benitez Warm Hearts With Lovely Pictures


Manchester United star Lisandro Martinez and his longtime girlfriend Muri Lopez Benitez melted hearts with an Instagram photo featuring their French bulldog Polo.

The couple, who have been together since they were teenagers, often share sweet moments with their fans on Instagram.

Recently, the 26-year-old former Ajax player featured in an Instagram picture with Polo and his model girlfriend Muri, who is dedicated to maintaining her fit physique with regular workouts at the gym.

Muri Lopez posted a heartfelt message expressing gratitude to her partner for their journey together, highlighting their strength in overcoming challenges and celebrating their love.

She wrote on Instagram: “It was a year when we had to lean on more than ever, strengthening, adapting ourselves in front of every circumstance and always believing in the way and the process, happy to be able to close this stage with a triumph and what a triumph”.

In the picture, Lisandro Martinez can be seen holding Polo in his arms, while Muri Lopez Benitez stands beside him, looking radiantly beautiful.

Their French bulldog, Polo, looks as cheerful as ever, bringing an extra element of joy to the photograph.

Martinez and Muri’s love story

The couple’s love story is nothing short of a fairytale. Having met at a young age, their bond has only grown stronger over the years.

Having grown up together in the same neighborhood, Muri and Lisandro have been friends for a long time. Their romantic relationship officially began when they were just 14 years old.

The 25-year-old Argentine model Muri has always been proud of her boyfriend, Martinez, and often shares his achievements on social media.

She has been supportive of her partner and had seen him progress from Newell’s Old Boys to Ajax over the years up to his current club.

When Martinez made the move to Manchester United, his girlfriend Muri celebrated by posting a photo of herself in a revealing swimsuit.

Also, The couple, who are deeply in love, enjoy dining at the upscale Italian restaurant Don Giovanni in the heart of Manchester city center.

The pair has never gotten tired of giving fans a glimpse into their glamorous relationship which is yet to produce children.

Meet Muri Lopez Benitez

Muri Lopez Benitez, girlfriend of Lisandro Martinez, is an Argentina model and Instagram influencer with a large number of followers.

The 25-year-old Muri Lopez quickly established herself in the modeling industry with her perfect curves.

Muri Lopez Benitez

She loves to give her fans a glimpse of her sexy curves as she enjoys beach outings and she is often seen in elegant but simple bikini designs with exquisite patterns and materials.

Her dedication to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is one of the things she doesn’t joke with.

Meanwhile, her commitment to the gym not only keeps her in great shape but also serves as a testament to her discipline and determination.

Who is Lisandro Martinez?

Lisandro Martinez is a professional football player from Argentina who currently plays as a defender for Manchester United in the Premier League league.

He is known for his excellent defensive skills and versatility on the field which was instrumental in United’s FA Cup victory and their qualifications for the Europa League next season.


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