Who is Muri Lopez Benitez? Lisandro Martinez Girlfriend

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Muri Lopez Benitez had been in love with the Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez for the past decade. The Argentina defender joined the Red Devils in 2022-23 season where he quickly won the heart of the fans.

The Argentines had been dating since they were in high school. She became famous after Martinez moved to Manchester United.

Lopez Benitez had gathered enough fan on social media and she is currently a social media influence.

However, this article is based on everything you should know about the beautiful dancer Muri Lopez Benitez who is really in love with Lisandro Martinez.  

Muri Lopez Benitez Height

The beautiful model has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. Muri Lopez also has a weight of 50 kg, or 111 lbs.

Muri Lopez Benitez’s Family

Muri Lopez Benitez’s father’s name is Hector Lopez Benitez, and her mother is Silvia Da Roz. It was reported that her parents played an important role in her life; she was treated as a queen due to the fact that her parents were rich.

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Although the occupation and net worth of the parents have now been revealed, Muri Lopez has two siblings, Mara and Clari.

Mara has an Instagram page with 22,800 followers. Although she made her post private, she is being followed on Instagram by Lisandro Martinez.

Clari also has an Instagram page with a good number of followers. She is into modeling and has 181 posts on Instagram. She travels a lot with friends and family.

Muri Lopez Benitez Net Worth

Muri does not really share much about her earnings on social media. However, she comes from a very happy family.

Her boyfriend, Lisandro Martinez, has a net worth of €1.2 million, he earns £6,240,000 a year and £120,000 weekly.

Muri Lopez Benitez’s Child

Lisandro Martinez and Muri Lopez had known each other since they were 14 years old. Their relationship has been strong, and they seem to be on the verge of getting married very soon.

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Muri Lopez Benitez

There is no child in the relationship yet, but they have a French Bulldog named Polo.

How old is Muri Lopez Benitez?

The beautiful model was born on July 19, 1998, in Argentina. She is currently 25 years old. Muri is among the most beautiful WAGs of Manchester United players.

Muri Lopez Benitez And Lisandro Martinez Relationship

Lisandro Martinez had been together with his girlfriend, Lopez Benitez, since he started playing for Ajax. She is a well-known actress, dancer, and model. Lopez Benitez attends most football matches when her lover is participating.

She has been supportive of him, and Martinez is happy to have her beside him. They have been together since high school, when they were teenagers.

Muri Lopez Benitez

Lisandro Martinez and Lopez Benitez celebrate their Relationship anniversary every April of each year.

Both of them frequently post pictures on Instagram. Looking at the Instagram page comments, you will see that the fans are loving the relationship between the lovebirds.

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Muri Lopez Benitez

They are considered an absolutely powerful couple.

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