Lionel Messi’s stunning Wife Antonela Roccuzzo Shows Off Cleavage in Plunging Top 


    Antonela Roccuzzo, Lionel Messi’s wife left fans clamoring for more after she posted pictures showing her clevages in a revealing black top.

    She wowed her 20.5 million followers, who keep commenting about how beautiful she is. The first picture showed how Lionel Messi’s wife wore a black top and black long trousers and stood elegantly.

    Lionel Messi’s stunning Wife Antonela Roccuzzo Shows Off Cleavage in Plunging Top 
    Roccuzzo looking stunning in the picture

    In another shot, she folded her hands and looked away charmingly. From all indications, the picture was taken for a modeling gig that must have paid her so well.

    Lionel Messi’s stunning Wife Antonela Roccuzzo Shows Off Cleavage in Plunging Top 

    Another picture of hers shows Antonela Roccuzzo doing yoga. The Argentine damsel posed to show how she exercise her body and get ready for her day-to-day activities. Her posture is mouthwatering even though she is already a mother of three children – Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. 

    Lionel Messi’s stunning Wife Antonela Roccuzzo Shows Off Cleavage in Plunging Top 

    Messi wife doing Yoga

    Who Is Antonela Roccuzzo

    Antonela Roccuzzo was born in Rosario, the same town as the Paris Saint-Germain footballer Lionel Messi. She was born on February 26, 1988, and is currently 34 years old.

    Her parents’ names are Jose Roccuzzo and Patricia Roccuzzo.

    Messi and Roccuzzo were childhood friends and it was reported that at the age of 5 years old, Messi do purposely visit the house of Roccuzzo just to see her.

    Antonella Roccuzzo
    Antonela Roccuzzo and Messi

    The Couple started dating in 2017 and the love has been waxing stronger ever since then.

    She has given birth to three children for the husband, Lionel Messi, and they are Ciro Messi, who is the youngest in the house, followed by Mateo, who was a Real Madrid supporter before deciding to support Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, and the eldest, Thiago.

    Roccuzzo is a model that helps to advertise commercial products.

    Antonela Roccuzzo putting on a pink dress and black trousers

    Antonela Roccuzzo and shakira

    It was rumored that Gerard Pique’s ex-wife Shakira was never on good terms with Lionel Messi’s wife and other Pique teammates’ wives.

    Shakira hated Messi’s wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, because she found out that Messi’s wife was going out with her husband, Pique, before they got married.

    Also, Shakira’s bossy attitude made her not to relate with others before breaking up with Pique according to reports in Spain. Even many Barcelona Players called her by nickname.

    Antonella Roccuzzo
    Antonela Roccuzzo turned her back and flip her hair

    Antonela Roccuzzo’s Education

    Antonela Roccuzzo attended Centro Educativo Latinoamericano, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, for her basic education before going to the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, where she graduated as a dentist.

    Messi’s wife never pursued a career as a dentist because she diversified her interests into social media, where she is currently making a lot of money as a model.

    Antonella Roccuzzo
    Lionel Messi wife looking stunning in black and pink

    Lionel Messi And Antonela Roccuzzo‘s Wedding

    The wedding was regarded as the wedding of the century, with different world-class players present during the ceremony. It was a good day for Lionel Messi because he got married to his childhood friend.

    A part of the wedding looked awkward when Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo were pronounced husband and wife because they have been living together for years before the wedding.

    It also emerged that the pair partied hard with 250 friends and family in attendance.


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