Lionel Messi Offered $1m For The Bisht He Wore To Lift The World Cup Trophy By Omani Lawyer

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Lionel Messi has been offered $1 million by a lawyer for the bisht he donned to lift the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Lionel Messi was given $1,000,000 for the attire he wore to win the World Cup by Omani lawyer

The enormous offer was made in the interest of preserving the traditional clothes in the Middle East by Ahmed Al Barwani, an attorney and member of the Omani parliament.

He posted on Twitter and stated: “From the Sultanate of Oman I congratulate you for winning the World Cup Qatar 2022…”

“The Arabic bisht, a symbol of chivalry and wisdom. I’m offering you a million dollars (£829,000) in return for that bisht.”

A bisht, or traditional men’s cloak, is worn by high-status individuals in the Arab world and is the robe Messi was given right before he lifted the Jules Rimet.

An expression of admiration and respect, wearing a bisht is only permitted on certain occasions.

Al Barwani revealed to The National: “I was at the stadium watching that moment live when the Emir of Qatar gave Messi the bisht.”

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“This moment told the world that we are here, and this is our culture, please know it well.”

“It will be displayed to commemorate that moment of pride, and to help us relive it, and to also remind us that we can (do anything).”

After the game, it was discovered that Messi’s shirt cost £1,650.

Additionally, Messi and the captain of the opposing team, Hugo Lloris, each received one of the unique robes in the closing event.

The clothes were created by Qatar-based tailor Muhammad Abdullah Al-Salem.

When he made them, he said: “At first, we were not aware when we were asked to design this bisht that it was for the World Cup champion.”

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“We were surprised that the bisht that Messi wore was from our store, and I felt proud when my knowledge is that our store was the first choice of officials to manufacture this bisht.”

Why Did Lionel Messi Wear The Bisht?

When Lionel Messi was wrapped in a robe by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim, only moments before finally lifting the trophy that he and Argentina coveted more than anything, eyebrows were raised all over the world.

Lionel Messi was given $1,000,000 for the attire he wore to win the World Cup by Omani lawyer

Messi finally won the World Cup, but before he could hoist the trophy, the Emir of Qatar had to wrap him in the robe, with FIFA president Gianni Infantino anxiously observing.

The robe, or bisht, is a customary article of male attire in the Arab culture and is typically worn during ceremonial events like weddings and funerals.

The bisht, which is often worn by kings and senior religious figures, was given to Messi as a sign of respect because he is widely regarded as the greatest football player of the present.

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Bisht: What Is It?

The robe, known as a bisht, is customarily worn for important occasions like weddings and other occasions and represents honor and prestige; the importance of Messi being dressed in one by the country’s leader was not lost on many onlookers.

The bisht is a men’s garment that is worn throughout the Arab world and is not solely a Qatari heritage. It is made of a light material and has a dark color. Real gold is used for the trimming on the outside margins. It has been a practice for many centuries.

Whether the action was disrespectful or not was debatable, and some observers felt it overshadowed the occasion for which Messi had waited his entire life.

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