Lionel Messi Makes Fresh Comments On His Move To Inter Miami


Lionel Messi has revealed that Inter Miami are getting him at his very best as he prepares to complete his move to Major League Soccer.

Lionel Messi Reveals Inter Miami Move Best For His Family

Messi, 36, is set to be confirmed as an Inter Miami player this weekend, after he left Paris Saint-Germain following the expiration of his contract.

Despite being in the later days of his career, the Argentine World Cup winner is ready to rediscover his best form in Florida.

Messi speaking in an interview in his native Argentina, said: “My mentality and my head are not going to change and I am going to try, wherever I have to be, give my best for myself and my new club, continue to perform at the highest level.”

On his decision to move his career and his family to the United States, Messi added: “We are happy with the decision we made. Prepared and eager to face the new challenge, the new change.”

The move to MLS by Lionel Messi is seen as an edge that would take the sport to new heights in the United States.

Sergio Busquets, who was his teammate at Barcelona, has already joined him to move to Inter Miami. Expectedly, Messi’s move has continue to cause a massive frenzy even before entering the country.

Lionel Messi will make his debut on the 21st of July, 2023 when Inter Miami takes on Mexican side Cruz Azul in the League Cup.

Messi joins the MLS team as a World Cup Champion after he led Argentina to glory in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The win was Argentina’s first victory of the coveted trophy since 1986 and was the crowning moment of Messi’s international career.

The Former PSG man lifted the lid on their victory in Qatar, which came after they lost their opening match of the competition to Saudi Arabia.

Lionel Messi Reveals Inter Miami Move Best For His Family

Messi went on to add that: “It is a very united group, very strong, which responded with greatness in the face of adversity.”

“It was a difficult test for us after the game with Saudi Arabia because we had come from 35 or 36 matches without losing and we didn’t know how we could react to a difficult moment, because luckily we hadn’t had it until then.”

Lionel Messi, 36, added: “There were many boys who were playing their first World Cup. Before the World Cup I said that the game against Saudi Arabia was very difficult because of that.”

“It is not easy to play the first game of a World Cup, whether you like it or not, anxiety or nerves appear for what it means. But this group showed that they didn’t care at all, that they were very strong, it was shown. After Saudi Arabia they showed that.”

Lionel Scaloni was the coach that led the Argentine team to glory and he said: “We had enormous growth at the level of play, especially after winning the Copa America (in 2021), the team played very well.”

“He was very clear about what he had to do at all times and that is the strongest thing, each person knowing what they have to do at each moment of the game is essential to manage the games as we intend or as situations arise.”

“Be confident and sure of what had to be done doing at all times made us strong as a team and as a group.”

Lionel Messi has faced criticism in the past for his and Argentina’s failure but even during those times, he felt “there was a generation that defended me to the death and fought with many people to defend me.”

Lionel Messi At MLS

Messi, who is due to move to the MLS Side Inter Miami in the weekend, is on the list of the top five highest paid athletes in American Sports.

Lionel Messi just like in 2021 when he shocked the world with a move to PSG has done the same now but to MLS side Inter Miami.

Messi’s decision to join Major League Soccer could make a host of big stars consider a move to the league this summer.

Lionel Messi Reveals Inter Miami Move Best For His Family

The former Barcelona attacker’s future was in the air, with the likes of his former club, FC Barcelona, and Saudi side Al-Hilal wanting to sign the World Cup winner.

However, Lionel Messi opted to join David Beckham’s US team in a city where he already owns a property amid lucrative offers, especially in Saudi Arabia.

Lionel Messi, 35, leaves Europe for the first time in his successful career, where he won a combined 43 trophies during his 17 years at Camp Nou and his couple of seasons at PSG.


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