League Two Teams vote to end season due to Covid-19 while League one is undecided

    League two
    League two

    Today, League two clubs agree to bring the season to an end early because of the coronavirus pandemic’s potential risk. The decision was made after the teams met with the English Football League.

    Since League Two was forced to end early, here is what happens next, The final table will result to using points per game plan, but they have not reached an agreement on what to do about relegations and promotions.
    League 2 playoff plans.
    The plans to play a playoff format is still in place, there will be a two-legged semi-final and then a final say BBC sports.

    Therefore, the League One will conclude as is while things are being sorted out on the relegation and promotions. However, League one is still in discussion about what is next for them.

    League One clubs have scheduled another meeting for Monday because they were unable to reach an agreement. As of now, League One and the National League are yet to decide on what to do and this will mean that the clubs at the Top and Bottom of League two will have to wait on what League One and the National League decide to do since all 3 leagues are connected via relegation and promotion.

    Crewe Alexandra was at the top of the league when the league games were suspended, Swindon Town and Plymouth Argyle are both in the two automatic promotion spot. Whereas, Stevenage occupies the only relegation spot.

    Click here to see league two table.


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