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La Liga games to be played behind closed doors till Jan 2021

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Clubs in the Spanish La Liga might be compelled to play games behind closed doors until 2021 to avoid a new outbreak of the world’s pandemic coronavirus. Although, the report has not been officially announced by La Liga, however, close sources have disclosed that games will be played in closed stadiums until 2021 or a vaccine for the novel Covid-19 is introduced.

This was revealed through a piece of information made available to ESPN earlier this week. While it is expected that normality should have been restored to the world of football by the beginning of the 2021 season. Apparently, football may not be able to operate in full capacity until the world is free from the virus or a vaccine has been introduced. Stadiums would be re-opened in 2021 with strict measures put in place to ensure that there is no new outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

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The plan of La Liga is still subject to review base on health improvement before 2021. Spain which stands as one of the countries with the highest numbers of infected persons has suspended football activities indefinitely since last month after several cases of Covid-19 was reported in the country.

Players in the La Liga League have not returned to training, while clubs are still under lockdown due to the pandemic. The most likely scenario to play out is that the remainder of the 2019/20 season will be completed behind closed doors between June and July.

Although the date for games to commence with football being played behind closed doors is still yet to be announced. Also, completion of the 2019/20 season projected to be in June and July has not been confirmed with a recent increase in the number of affected persons in Spain. As it is now, no fewer than 210,000 have been infected and at least 22,000 persons have died from the virus. Apparently, there is no hope for the completion of the suspended football season as coronavirus continues to thrive in Spain.

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Reasonably, the elongated suspension of football has caused major financial problems for clubs in the League. To this effect, sources revealed that La Liga has instructed clubs to adjust their budget for the next season. Even if football resume next season, games will still be played behind closed doors, this literally means that clubs will not make a single penny from ticketing.

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