Kylian Mbappe Turns Down Blank-Cheque Renewal Offer From PSG


Futballnews reports that Kylian Mbappe has turned down a blank-cheque renewal offer from Paris Saint-Germain, as his contract is said to expire at the club next summer.

The long-term deal could have risen beyond the 90 million euros gross offered to Mbappe by PSG last summer.

It could have also contained a promise that PSG’s sporting project will continue to be competitive at the apex level of European competition.

However, Last week, the two parties had at least one meeting to review the terms, as PSG is consistent in trying to offer their man another deal.

The duration of the deal was reported to be an additional two years, with the crux being – given the club’s Qatari ownership – that Mbappe continues to be a PSG player for the Qatar World Cup later this year, but has the choice to exit afterwards.

However, the 23-year-old player is said to have continually rejected the proposals.

Additionally, another angle weaved into the situation is the ongoing strategic relationship between France and Qatar as a whole, which involves huge amount of cash and political influence, with president Emmanuel Macron of France directly entangled in this mutually beneficial partnership.

President Emmanuel Macron Of France

Kylian Mbappe seems to be an increasingly vital component in the talks, and his performances on the pitch; with records of 36 goal involvements already this term – see him aiming the status of the world’s best player.

Perhaps, a dominant second leg against Real Madrid FC in the Champions League on March 9 may justify that.

Above all, Mbappe retains a huge love for PSG, and one of the reasons he planned to exit the club last summer was in order to acquire a huge chunk of money for himself from the Parisians.

For the moment, rather than sorting out his own future, his core goal is getting through to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and ultimately going ahead to bag the trophy his club want more than any other – which would of course crown a hugely successful season with the club he so much cherish.

On their part, Real Madrid are known to value Mbappe’s professionalism and count on him to take a decision soon.

For the records, they are not mounting any pressure on him, inasmuch as they think he has already been subjected under enough strain.

According to reports, Mbappe may have a smaller salary at Real Madrid than PSG, but it seems he is not motivated by money, and the apex decision will be his.


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