Kyle Walker Will Not Face Any Criminal Charges For His Sexual Assault In A Bar

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Kyle Walker will not face any criminal charges after a video circulated online showing his involvement in sexual assault on a lady in a bar.

Kyle Walker

The police had talked to the 32-year-old player about the incident. Hence, it is believed that the case had been dealt with.

The submission is that he was drunk and didn’t know he was being filmed with no idea about the occurrence of the incident.

Even though the incident happened when he was under the influence of alcohol, it has sparked public outcry from the Manchester City fans.

Cheshire Police released a statement describing Walker’s disgusting behavior as low-level crime and anti-social behavior.

Since Walker had apologized and admitted to the incident, the Cheshire Police wouldn’t take the offender to court.

Walker attended police questioning on March 16, 2023. The English defender was therefore not charged or cautioned and will not have any criminal record.

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In addition, the case has been closed by the police.

However, it may be a different case if the assaulted lady takes the case up.

England manager Gareth Southgate had shown his support for Walker, and the manager had made the decision to call him for England’s Euro 2024 qualifiers against Italy and Ukraine after receiving a slap on the wrist from the police following the incident that happened in the bar.

There was no conclusive evidence, and Southgate doesn’t want to leave him out. Walker is an important player for Southgate and has made more than 100 appearances for his national

However, Pep Guardiola had warned his players about such behavior and also exclusively defended Walker after the news came out.

Since the incident, Guardiola has failed to put Walker in the starting lineup.

He was not in the squad when Manchester City defeated RB Leipzig in the Champions League.

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The player may, however, feature against Burnley in the FA Cup quarterfinals.

The Spanish manager does not need to remind the player of his responsibility because he is an adult.

He has been Walker’s friend for the past seven years.

Guardiola is planning on discussing
this with him privately to ensure he doesn’t engage in such malicious behavior again.

How People Reacted After Kyle Walker Was Pardoned By The Police

A lot of people have slammed the police who investigated the Kyle Walker incident for ignoring violence against women.

The Chief Executive of Women’s Aid, Farah Nazeer, reacted, stating that it is so disappointing to see incidents of exposure and violence against women being ignored.

Nazeer continued with a statement, saying if Walker goes unpunished, it may lead to more occurrences of such offenses. In addition, it will stop women from feeling safe in their society.

Nazeer hopes further occurrences will be taken seriously in the future and the beating penalty will be gladly imposed on offenders.

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What do you think about the police leaving Walker?

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