Kyle Walker To Hold Discussion With Gareth Southgate Over Misbehavior In Bar


    Kyle Walker has been chosen for England’s Euro 2024 qualifying matches against Italy and Ukraine but will hold a discussion with Gareth Southgate.

    Kyle Walker To Hold Discussion With Gareth Southgate Over Misbehavior In Bar

    After a horrifying CCTV footage of the right-back surfaced online, the Three Lions coach said the decision was made after speaking “at length” with the Man City player.

    Authorities opened an investigation after married Walker brandished his penis intoxicatedly before snogging, pawing, and rubbing a friend’s breasts in a Manchester club.

    His antics at 5.30 p.m. on March 5 occurred just one day after he assisted his team in a 2-0 victory over Newcastle United.

    But, Mr. Southgate claimed that there was “no conclusive evidence” to remove the 32-year-old from the squad at this time despite the investigation.

    The England coach said during a press conference on Thursday: “We want him with us and feel it is the right thing to do.”

    “When you are an England international there is an even high bar on how you conduct yourselves.”

    “It is a complicated situation and I have spoken at length with him.”

    “I have to be very careful not to be the moral judge on things.”

    Ivan Toney, 27, who has never played professionally and who faces a six-month FA suspension for breaking betting laws, was also included to the 25-man roster today.

    After arriving to the location without his wife, Walker was captured on camera getting visibly drunk and spending 90 minutes drinking and dirty dancing with the female companions.

    Just before 7 o’clock, the group boarded the minibus, but dad-of-four Walker was called back to pay the £250 cost.

    According to CCTV, the £150,000 per week player was too inebriated to pay himself and needed help from a friend.

    Kyle Walker To Hold Discussion With Gareth Southgate Over Misbehavior In Bar

    In reference to the distressing video, a source said: “You wonder if it can get worse then he pulls out his penis in full view of the bar and the women he is with.”

    “It’s deeply concerning.”

    A person violates the Sexual Offences Act of 2003 when they purposefully display their genitalia with the goal that someone else will view them and get alarmed or distressed.

    A common law offense known as outraging public decency is committed when someone engages in behavior that is “lewd, indecent, or filthy” in front of at least two members of the public.

    If found guilty, there are no time limits on prison time or fines.

    After their match against Ukraine on Sunday at Wembley, England travels home immediately after their Monday training session at St. George’s Park against Italy.

    What Did Kyle Walker Do?

    In a bar on Sunday, Kyle Walker, a defender for Manchester City, was allegedly seen on surveillance video kissing a woman and flashing by taking off his pants.

    Walker went to a bar in Manchester the day after helping his team overcome Newcastle 2-0 in the Premier League.

    In the footage, which Futballnews had posted on Twitter, Walker and his friends can be seen getting into a minibus and driving to the scene at around 5.20 o’clock.

    For around 90 minutes, the group lingered in the bar as England’s Walker drank beer, took shots, and danced next to a woman.

    The 32-year-old appears to drop his tracksuit bottoms at one point, and the others around him replied by turning their heads away.

    The video appears to show Walker kissing and pawing one of his friends. About 6.40 he danced provocatively with one of them and then tried to depart with his friends.

    Following their victory over Newcastle before the night out, manager Pep Guardiola gave Walker and his City colleagues two days off.

    Kyle Walker To Hold Discussion With Gareth Southgate Over Misbehavior In Bar

    On Saturday, March 17, they will undoubtedly return to action in the Premier League against Crystal Palace.


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