Kyle Walker Met With His Ex Wife Lauryn Goodman Without The Consent Of His Wife Annie


England right back Kyle Walker had a secret face-to-face legal meeting with his ex-wife, Lauryn Goodman, without telling his current wife, Annie.

Kyle Walker
File photo of Kyle Walker and his ex-wife Lauryn Goodman.

The wife was furious after finding out that Walker was still meeting with his ex-wife, Lauryn Goodman, who was back in Walker’s life.

Annie believes that his ex-wife Lauryn is trying to play games with Walker. It was discovered that Lauryn is already five months pregnant.

Lauryn Goodman

Annie found out that Kyle and Lauryn met in a solicitor’s office in Cheshire in September 2022, after a week of their meeting.

Annie was not happy that they both met, even when it involved the lawyer to discuss legal matters.

Walker and Annie had been childhood sweethearts.

In 2019, the right back moved out of his house to stay with Lauryn, who he revealed was having his baby.

The right back stayed with the model in a £8,000 per month rented flat.

Days later, the player was caught violating COVID-19 lockdown rules by having Orgy with two hookers.

After committing all those atrocities, Annie still decided to get married to him on
November 20, 2021.

Annie had forgiven the player but had not forgotten what really happened during their

It is upsetting that Lauryn is pregnant once again.

There are higher chances that the Lauryn unborn baby may become part of their family.

Annie has always loved Kyle, even though he was caught in many cheating allegations.

Annie showed Walker her utmost support when he was caught unaware in a bar sexually flirting with a lady.

Walker was questioned by the Cheshire Police, and the case was not taken to court.

Kyle Walker

He was cautioned by Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, but there was no issue of penalizing the player, even though others who have done this have been taken to court for it.

Lauryn had once supported Jamie Vardy’s wife, Berky Vardy, who called Annie a doormat.

Lauryn also accused Annie of thrashing his young son in Walker’s house.

Kyle Walker and Annie’s Relationship

Kyle Walker

Both Kyle and Annie had been in a relationship since 2010. Both couples met when they were in high school.

The defender was playing for Sheffield United at the age of 18, while Annie was pursuing a career in modeling at the age of 16.

Annie confessed her love for Kyle as “love at first sight”.

They broke up in 2019 after Kyle cheated on her.

It was reported that the player got married to her with a £250,000 engagement ring.

The England player and Annie now share three sons together: Roman Walker, Riaan Walker, and Reign Walker.

Annie is a television personality and a well-known model on social media.

She is famous for her British TV drama, “The Real Housewives of Cheshire.”

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