Karim Benzema Blames Al-Ittihad Teammates For His 3-month Goal Drought


    The goal drought of Karim Benzema at Al-Ittihad has led to frustration, with the former Real Madrid star pointing fingers at his teammates for not providing adequate support on the field.

    Since joining the Saudi Pro League side last summer, Benzema, a marquee signing, has struggled to replicate the success he enjoyed in his final years at Madrid. 

    Despite signing a lucrative three-year deal with Al-Ittihad, the Frenchman’s performance has been hampered by what he perceives as a lack of quality and support among his teammates.

    Karim Benzema blames his Al-Ittihad teammates

    In an interview with Action with Waleed, Karim Benzema expressed his sentiments, stating, “It’s because it’s not the same game, it’s not the same players, I need to be helped. I need help on the pitch.

    Benzema additionally stressed that he can’t win the game all by himself: “I can’t win the game alone. I need a lot of things.”

    These remarks come amidst speculation about Benzema’s dissatisfaction with life in Saudi Arabia and alleged friction with Al-Ittihad manager Marcelo Gallardo. 

    Reports emerged of Benzema’s delayed return from holiday, leading to his exclusion from training sessions and subsequent omission from matchday squads.

    However, Benzema swiftly dismissed these rumors, asserting his contentment with his current club and refuting any issues with Gallardo. 

    He clarified, „The story of my departure is not true and I am happy in Saudi Arabia. I have no problems with Marcelo Gallardo.”

    Despite rumors suggesting Benzema’s potential departure from Al-Ittihad, the striker remains committed to the club’s long-term project and sees his stint in Saudi Arabia as a unique challenge and opportunity to make a meaningful impact. 

    He views himself not only as a football player but also as an ambassador, aiming to elevate the stature of the Saudi league to that of his European counterparts.

    Benzema on playing in Saudi Arabia

    “It [being in Saudi] is a new challenge [and one] that I like – a long-term project and in a Muslim country. 

    “I’m not only a football player here in Saudi Arabia, I’m also an ambassador. I’m here to bring great European players in, in the near future, even if there are already great ones in the Saudi league.

    “Our challenge is to raise it to the same level as the European Leagues. Time will tell [what happens next] but it will be myself who chooses when my career will end or not.

    “Ultimately, I would like to be remembered as someone who started from the bottom and worked their way up to the top alone, and despite all the obstacles I have faced. That is something that makes me truly proud.”

    While speculation had linked Benzema with a return to Europe, particularly with his former club Lyon reportedly expressing interest, such a move now appears improbable given his recent statements reaffirming his commitment to Al-Ittihad.

    Benzema’s determination to overcome challenges and leave a lasting legacy in the SPL Saudi Pro League underscores his resilience and ambition to succeed when faced with difficult challenges.

    The summer transfer window is barely two months away and the French forward will definitely be on the radar of top European teams.


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