Josipa Perisic: All You Need to Know About Ivan Perisic’s Lovely Wife

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Josipa Perisic is the wife and lover of renowned Croatian footballer and Tottenham winger Ivan Perisic.

Perisic has a heroic career with club and country but not much is known about his beautiful wife Josipa.

Here, we will take your through all you need to know about Josipa Perisic

Who is Josipa Perisic?

Josipa Perisic is the wife and lover of Croatia national team and Tottenham Hotspur player, Ivan Perisic. josipa shot to limelight due to her relationship with Ivan Perisic, who is known world-over for his pace, agility, and skillful ball play.

Josipa Perisic

Like her footballer-husband, Josipa is a Croatian. Her actual date of birth is unknown.

There are suggestions Perisic, who is 31-year-old, is a few years older than Josipa. This means her age range could fall between 24 and 29.

Ivan Perisic is known to be a lovely and easy-going wag with a full presence on social media. She has struck a balance between her private and public life though leaving only as much as she wants the media to know about herself and her family.

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What does Josipa Perisic do?

Just like other wags and girlfriends of footballers, Josipa Perisic is a model and social media influencer. She owes a lot to her husband’s famous football career and has effectively utilized the clout to push through her business goals.

Josipa Perisic

The Croatian blonde beauty works as a brand ambassador and promoter. She has over 37,000 followers on Instagram and has effectively utilized her enormous followership to push through her modeling business.

Josipa Perisic net worth

Josipa Perisic’s net worth was previously estimated to be $5million. Her current net worth is still under review

Josipa Perisic and Ivan Perisic relationship

Josipa and Ivan Perisic are said to be childhood sweethearts and have been in romantic relationship for years before finally tieing the knot as husband and wife in 2012.

They pair have enjoyed a blissful and joyous married life and are now a family of five. They have three children together. Their first child Leonardo Perisic, 10, arriving the same year they got married.

Two years after marriage, the couple welcomed their second child, a female, Manuela Perisic, 9, in 2014.

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Their most recent addition to the family is Luka who was born in 2022. Luka will celebrate his second birthday this year and has been growing with his other two siblings.

Off the pitch, Ivan Perisic and Josipa regularly flaunts footage of their blossoming family on social media with their fans.

Ivan Perisic mixes his career trails on social media with beautiful moments with his family and Josipa Perisic. In one of his post, Ivan Perisic confirmed he puts his family first above all other things.

Josipa has also does the same, sharing a lot of her special moments with Luka, Leonardo, Manuela, including Ivan Perisic on social media.

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