Jose Mourinho Outclassed Usain Bolt and Dina Asher-Smith in Stormzy’s New Music Video [WATCH]

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Beyond on-pitch and off-pitch drama and his controversial reputation in global football media, Jose Mourinho has, once again, thrilled fans with his surprise starring in Stormzy’s new music video.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho features in Stormzy’s new music video

Featuring alongside other top celebrities like Usain Bolt and Dina-Asher, Jose Mourinho obviously brought to bear another part of him that has remained hidden which is already sending football fans across the globe wild.

Interestingly, Stormzy adopted Jose Mourinho’s iconic and controversial Premier League quotes in the video with the Roma manager acting out as the quote is voiced in the video titled, ‘Mel Made Me Do It.’

Stormzy’s video brought back a memory of a viral meme Jose Mourinho gave birth to after his controversial and hilarious response to a post-match interview.

On March 4, Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier walked up to the stands and confronted a fan after Spurs lost to Norwich in the FA Cup Round of 16 in a penalty shootout. He was punished with a 4-match ban and a £40,000 fine by the English FA.

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Mourinho birthed a viral meme in 2014

When asked about his reaction to the FA’s decision, Jose Mourinho gave his usual style and typical reply, “No reaction. I prefer no reaction.” His reply brought back a meme starring himself, which reads, “I’m not going to answer. If I answer, I will be in trouble, and I don’t want to be.”

The meme date back to March 2014, when he was Chelsea manager. Chelsea had lost a match to Aston Villa in a game most pundits believed was marred with bad officiating by center referee Chris Foy.

In a post-match conference, Jose Mourinho was asked of his opinion about his officiating by Chris Foy. He replied in a typical Mourinho style;

“I prefer not to speak. If I speak, I am in big trouble.”

Mourinho’s famous hilarious Premier League quote made it to Stormzy’s seven-minute video which was released on Thursday evening, with the 59-year-old dressed in all black acting out the lines as a sound bite of the memorable quote plays on.

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Other top stars who were featured in the music video include Jamaica sprint legend Usain Bolt and British fastest sprinter Diner Asher-Smith.

Meanwhile, reactions have continued to trail Mourinho’s appearance and his classic performance in the video which has gone viral, with much heaping praises on the superb acting skills of the Roma manager.

Mourinho has been a controversial football manager since his days in the Premier League, but has also won the hearts of many football fans across the globe.

The Portuguese is currently the head coach of Serie A top side AS Roma. Roma currently sits in the 6th position in the Serie A table with 13 points after 4 wins, one draw, and two losses.

Mourinho won the maiden edition of the UEFA Conference League with Roma as his first trophy since joining the club. Nevertheless, he remains a top pick for most football fans with his hilarious and fun-filled remarks.

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