Jose Mourinho feels ‘no pressure’ at Tottenham Hotspur


    The manager of Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho has declared that he is not under any pressure at the Premier League club despite a poor run of games.

    The Portuguese tactician has been having it very rough at Tottenham since January 28 when the club suffered a 1-3 defeat in the hands of Liverpool. After that, the London club went on to record five successive defeats in all competitions.

    One of the defeats Jose Mourinho suffered came from the FA Cup. Everton defeated Tottenham 5-4 in the 5th round of the FA Cup on February 10 to end Mourinho’s ambition of winning the tournament.

    It has become so bad that Tottenham which used to be on the first spot on the league table, are now sitting on the 9th spot with 36 points in 23 games, after 10 wins, 6 draws, and 7 defeats.

    As it stands, Jose Mourinho’s hopes of winning major titles for Tottenham Hotspur are in the Europa League and the EFL Cup. Tottenham have already qualified for the final of the EFL Cup. The final which is between Manchester City and Tottenham is scheduled to take place on April 25, 2021.

    While in the Europa League, Jose Mourinho and his boys are currently in the round of 32. They are scheduled to play against German side Wolfsberger on Thursday night, 18:55.

    In the pre-match press conference which took place today, February 17, Jose Mourinho noted that his team would have to be ambitious and motivated to win the Europa League this season.

    “I don’t feel any pressure. It is about responsibility, ambition, and motivation – not about pressure,” Mourinho said. “That is a completely different thing and is much better than pressure.

    “I spoke to the players today about it and we will speak again tonight in the meeting before dinner.

    “It’s a very long competition, and for us, it will be the 10th match we will have played in the Europa League which is crazy as we’re not even at the half-way stage yet.

    “So for all these reasons it’s a very difficult competition to win but is a competition we must have the ambition and the motivation to win as well as the responsibility to go with a strong team to get an important result.”

    Jose Mourinho believes Tottenham can finish in the top-four

    Jose Mourinho believes Tottenham can finish in the top-four
    Tottenham’s manager Jose Mourinho.

    As for Tottenham’s struggle in the Premier League, Jose Mourinho stressed that it is still mathematically possible for the London club to finish the season in the top four.

    Tottenham are currently six points away from 4th placed Chelsea, which means that the clubs above Spurs have to lose three games while Spurs continue to win before they can return to the top four.

    The Portuguese tactician recalled how Tottenham Hotspur were able to push themselves to qualify for a Europa League spot, adding that the club could use the same motivation to qualify for a Champions League spot this season.

    “Getting the fourth position in the Premier League is very difficult but not mathematically impossible,” Mourinho added.

    “Last season we were in a very bad position to try to get into the Europa League but in the end, we made it in the last minute of the last game.

    “Our motivation last season was while it was mathematically possible we have to try – it is the same thing we are going to do this season

    “With the Europa League, there is an incredible number of matches with a lot of very good teams – you only have to look at the English teams in the competition to know that.

    “But it is open and we are one of the 32 teams that have a chance to win it and we are going to try.”


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