Jose Mourinho ” Bukayo Saka should start ahead of Rashford and Sancho


Come Sunday, July 11, 2020, England will face Italy in the Euro 2020 final match and a lot of people are debating if Bukayo Saka should start again. Many Spectators say that Bukayo is too young to start such a big game when other experienced players like Marcus Rashford, Jack Grealish, and Jadon Sancho are all on the bench.

Jose Mourinho was asked about what he thinks about Saka, here is what he said about Bukayo starting for England in the EURO 2020 v Italy; “I played an 18-year-old player in a Champions League final and he is still the youngest player to score in a Champions League final. No problem.

“Of course we coaches normally we think about all these details but in the end when we make these kind of decisions we are sure of what we are doing and Southgate had no problem to do that, not only with Saka but also with other players giving them chances to play.

“The kid is proving my experience theory, which is experience has nothing to do with age.

“Experience has a lot to do with the way you think, the way you live, and the kid had a good experience in the best league in the world, in the most competitive league in the world, playing at a big club like Arsenal every weekend.

“He is showing great personality and I don’t think Gareth is going to leave him out.”

Bukayo Saka won the Man of the Match award: Euro 2020

Saka Bukayo, 19 is an Arsenal player, he is one of the most talented footballers out there and he is playing at such a high level. At such a young age, he is taking on big roles in big games. He has helped England to win important games in the EURO 2020 competition. Also, he is taking on key roles during the games, like taking freekicks, corner kicks, and set pieces.


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