Jorgelina Cardozo, Angel Di Maria’s Wife Slams Adil Rami As Martinez’s Celebration Spikes Conflict


    Jorgelina Cardozo, the wife of Angel Di Maria, has criticized Adil Rami as their argument over Argentina goalkeeper Emi Martinez continues.

    Jorgelina Cardozo, Angel Di Maria's Wife Slams Adil Rami Over Pamela Anderson As Martinez's Celebration Spikes Conflict

    Martinez, 30, caused a stir during the World Cup final by girding while holding his Golden Glove medal on his crotch.

    During the Buenos Aires bus parade festivities, the goalkeeper also made fun of Kylian Mbappe by holding a doll with his face on it.

    Adil Rami, a 37-year-old former star for France, retaliated by insulting Martinez as a result.

    He stated:  “The biggest son of a b**** in football. The most hated man.”

    Di Maria, 34, jumped to Martinez’s defense right away, saying: “El Dibu [Martinez] is the best goalkeeper in the world. Go cry elsewhere.”

    Rami then tweeted once more, saying: “Can you teach me?”, showing four pictures of Di Maria himself crying with the captions: “When you lose”, “when you win”, “when you leave a club”, “when you see this tweet”.

    The 40-year-old Cardozo was incensed by the jab and attacked Rami in a number of ways, including for his previous relationship with Pamela Anderson.

    She continued: “Angel [Di Maria] could teach you how to cry, how to treat women better and score goals on finals. Happy new year, genius.”

    Jorgelina Cardozo was alluding to Pamela’s assertion that the football player “scammed” her by repeatedly “hurting” and “threaten[ing]” her.

    She added that the reason she hired a bodyguard was that he “scares” her.

    The 55-year-old claimed that he was dominating throughout the relationship and that he had an extramarital affair with his ex Sidonie Biémont.

    Additionally, the Barb Wire actress posted a video of her getting bandages applied to her hands after Rami allegedly “crushed” them.

    Jorgelina Cardozo, Angel Di Maria's Wife Slams Adil Rami Over Pamela Anderson As Martinez's Celebration Spikes Conflict

    In the past, Rami has called the accusations “absolutely false” and said he is “incapable of committing such things.”

    Jorgelina Cardozo

    Argentina’s Rosario is the home of Jorgelina Cardoso. Her birthday is July 11, 1982. She is six years older than her 34-year-old husband, Angel Di Maria, at 40.

    Cardoso was raised in a religious Christian home and is said to hold her faith dear.

    She keeps the specifics of her job a secret from the general public. Since the start of her career, she has supported Di Maria and has consistently been able to push him from behind.

    It is said that Angel Di Maria and Jorgelina Cardoso first met in Rosario, Argentina, where they both grew up.

    Since getting married in 2011, Angel Di Maria and Jorgelina Cardoso have been blessed with two children.

    What did Emiliano Martinez Do?

    Argentina defeated France in the World Cup final, and Emiliano Martinez was once again the shootout hero.

    Martinez received the Golden Glove award for his efforts in Qatar, but during the post-game presentations, he made a sexual gesture with the trophy by holding it over his privates.

    He has received a lot of backlash for his pranks, including from Chris Sutton, who called them “quite disgusting.”

    What Happened Between Adil Rami and Pamela Anderson?

    Former Lille and Valencia defender Adil Rami acknowledged having sex up to “12 times a night” with the blonde beauty Pamela Anderson while they were together.

    Rami and his former partner Sidonie Biemont had twins before Rami started dating Anderson in 2017. Rami has recently joined Troyes of Ligue 1.

    The Baywatch star Anderson, 36, and the 36-year-old French center back dated from 2017 to 2019 before a painful breakup.

    Anderson, a former Playboy Playmate, accused Rami of cheating on her and claimed her ex-boyfriend was “living a second life” in a critical Instagram post.

    Jorgelina Cardozo, Angel Di Maria's Wife Slams Adil Rami Over Pamela Anderson As Martinez's Celebration Spikes Conflict

    Adil Rami seems open to discussing his time in bed with the 55-year-old actor, model, and Canadian-American.


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