Jealous Tammy Abraham said something disrespectful to Bukayo Saka after Arsenal beat Chelsea 3 – 1


Bukayo Saka was a brilliant young star who scored for Arsenal against Chelsea but Chelsea’s forward Tammy Abraham was very rude to him. He was disrespectful and his comment undermined Bukayo Saka’s talent as a star football player.

Arsenal was the underdog in today’s premier league match against Chelsea. The Gooners were supposed to lose by a lot, but they won and that was a good thing for Arsenal. Today’s win over Chelsea means that Arsenal’s 7 straight premier league losses ended earlier today.

Alexandre Lacazette scored the first goal for Arsenal, Xhaka scored the second goal from a fantastic free-kick. Then, Bukayo Saka scored from a fantastic cross into the box that made it the 3rd Arsenal goal.

On Chelsea’s side, Tammy Abraham was able to score one goal for Chelsea and the game ended 3 – 1.

After the match, Tammy Abraham overheard the conversation between Bukayo Saka and Maitland Niles about how he scored the goal. Tammy was upset and his jealous side clearly came up as he told Bukayo ” You didn’t mean it, Shut up man”.

However, Bukayo Saka insisted that he meant the goal, ” I saw him off his line”, he wrote on Twitter.

Watch Bukayo Saka’s goal v Chelsea below. It was a perfect flick,

Arsenal was the underdog, they won and Chelsea’s striker Tammy Abraham didn’t know how to deal with that. He sure not happy for Bukayo Saka.


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