Jack Grealish is ready to take the bruises for England during Euro 2020, Trent Alexander-Arnold is out


Aston Villa striker, Jack Grealish said he is ready to take the bruises for England national team when the European Championship (Euro 2020) starts on June 11.

Jack Grealish is expected to be one of the football stars that will help England to shine in the forthcoming European Championship which was postponed from 2020 to June 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 25-year-old left-winger who is the captain and talisman of Aston Villa is expected to create a lot of free-kicks opportunity for England during the competition by making himself available to be kicked at around opponents’ eighteen-yard box.

Jack Grealish is the free-kick taker at Aston Villa but in the English squad, he has to compete with Tottenham Hotspur captain Harry Kane and Atletico Madrid defender Kieran Trippier for the free-kick take role of the team.

Even though he might not have the opportunity to take the free-kicks for the Three Lions of England, he would not mind being kicked around the opposition box for a goalscoring opportunity.

When asked whether he is allowed to take free kicks at Aston Villa as compensation for the kicks he receives for the team, he said: “Yeah, of course.

“Not so much for Villa because we haven’t got that many good free-kick takers but here we’re blessed with them.

“We have Tripps (Kieran Trippier), we have H (Harry Kane). The standard here when we do free-kicks after training is just unbelievable.

“So as long as I can keep getting as many fouls in and around the box…a coach always said to me when I was younger, it was actually Martin O’Neill.

“He said to me: ‘You never, ever want to get kicked in your own half or anything because there’s no point, you can’t do anything there. Try and get kicked around the edge of the box or in the box as much as possible. I was a bit young and I thought, ‘Ah, OK’.

“But now obviously I understand why and I’ll take the kicks to help my team, definitely.”

Despite saying he is willing to take the bruises for his team, he admitted that he is always concerned about involving in a bad foul that might end his chance of playing in the European Championship which is 7 days away.

“Obviously, the way I play I’m going to get kicked all the time, and I can’t really be running with the ball and thinking at the back of my head ‘if I get kicked here, I’m one kick away”, he said.

“It’s one of those when if it ever happens it is part and parcel, it is what comes with the way I play.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold won’t play alongside Jack Grealish in Euro 2020

Jack Grealish is ready to take the bruises for England during Euro 2020, Trent Alexander-Arnold is out
Trent Alexander-Arnold walking off the pitch after he sustained an injury in a friendly against Austria on May 2.

While Jack Grealish is willing to get bruised for England in the forthcoming European Championship, the injury Trent Alexander-Arnold sustained during a friendly match between England and Austria on Wednesday, June 2, has ended his dream of playing in Euro 2020.

It was confirmed on Thursday, May 3, that the Liverpool right-back sustained a tear in his quadriceps which would not permit him to participate in the tournament.

The injury will keep the 22-year-old defender out of football for at least six weeks. Hence, he has to look forward to being fit for Liverpool before the commencement of the 2021-2022 season.


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