Jack Grealish Attacks Graeme Souness and other Pundits For Always Focusing On Him


    Jack Grealish has hit out at a popular pundit and former Liverpool player Graeme Souness over the pundit’s critical remarks against the Manchester City star.

    Jack Grealish hits out on Graeme Sounness

    Souness had publicly launched tirades of remarks in recent months, getting under the skin of jack Grealish.

    Graeme Souness and the English media have been on the trail of Jack Grealish after Manchester City broke the British transfer record to sign the player from Aston Villa last summer.

    Most times, Grealish has made the bench in the star-studded City squad. He has also struggled to break into Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions squad despite often receiving a callup.

    Although Grealish has not lived up to his transfer value, struggling to adapt to the Pep Guardiola Manchester City dynamics, he has shown a steady improvement and growth at the Etihad.

    Nevertheless, he is always a subject of English media, who have often, argue that Grealish has not lived up to the bidding.

    Among the many critics of Jack Grealish, former Liverpool and Rangers player , turned pundit, Graeme Souness, has been more scathing in his assessment of the off-field and on-field performances and lifestyle of the Manchester City star.

    Things got heated last month when the pair became involved in a back-and-forth via social media and interviews, with Souness accusing Grealish of “not seeing the picture quick enough” when in possession of the ball.

    The dispute then turned more personal when Souness asked Grealish to invite him on a night out. Grealish told reporters: “I don’t know what his problem is with me.”

    Speaking to L’Equipe last month for an interview that was published this week, Grealish claimed he has been unfairly treated by pundits like Souness, when in reality plenty of footballers enjoy life outside of football just like he does.

    Grealish blasted Graeme Souness for always having something to say about him unlike other footballers.

    Jack Grealish

    “I often feel I do exactly the same as other players, but people talk about them because it’s me… That’s what I said in relation to [Graeme] Souness: he always has something to say about me”, Jack Grealish said.

    “Today, footballers, if we allow ourselves to respond to something said about us, we’re portrayed as if we cannot stand criticism. Sometimes I want to say to them [English media], is leave me alone a bit and focus on someone else, so that I can focus on my game…”

    Grealish attributed the criticisms to the fact that he is playing in one of the biggest clubs in the world and also the amount the club paid for him.

    “There’s always noise around me, generated by articles or things. It’s linked to my style of play and the fact I play in one of the biggest clubs in the world. I imagine also that the fee City paid for me contributes to this attention”, he admitted.

    Grealish started City’s midweek Champions League draw with Borussia Dortmund from the bench, but could return to the starting XI for the trip to Leicester City on Saturday.

    Who is Graeme Souness?

    Jack Grealish

    Graeme James Souness, born on 5 May, 1953 in Edinburg, Scotland is former Tottenham, Liverpool and Rangers, who played for Scotland national team.

    After 593 appearances throughout his club and national team career, Souness ventured into coaching.

    He has managed Rangers, Liverpool, Southampton , Torino and other top clubs in Europe.

    He is now a pundit on Sky Sports.

    Who is Jack Grealish?

    Jack Grealish, 27, is a top and prolific Manchester City midfielder and England national team player.

    Grealish joined Aston Villa at the age of six, and had made 186 appearances for the Premier League club before joining Manchester City in 2021.

    Jack Grealish joined the Premier League Champions as the most expensive England midfielder ever.

    Aston Villa bagged a whooping £100million from the transfer of Grealish to Manchester City.

    His outrageous transfer fee to Manchester City and his top-class skills have made him a subject of attention in English media.

    Jack Grealish has made 32 appearances for Manchester City and is among the top favorites to make Gareth Southgate’s World Cup squad.


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